It is morning, you know that much. You are standing in your BEDROOM. You have a NAME, which you cannot recall at the moment. You have some INTERESTS, which you advocate using the FRAMES above your BED, but you can't quite make out what's pictured from where you're standing. You also probably have a JOB of some sort, but you can't remember what it is.
Author crippledvulture
Status Complete


It is about a man who woke up one day with his apartment building floating in a white void. He sets out to survive in this dangerous world.



The Everyman is a seemingly generic man, with an interest in sports and nonspecific entertainment and a job of watching paint (to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.) He wakes in the apartment building in the Void one day and decides to explore it. He also seems to be interested in art, and is a reasonably good artist.

The everyman can manipulate the universe around him using his Creativity. By expending creativity, he can create an object or creature, alter his or something else's appearance or imbue things with an instruction. This creativity can be gotten from many sources, but the least toxic one is Void Dust, which he obtains from killing the Giant Void Beasts that appear in his apartment.

Snuffy the PoochEdit

Snuffy the Pooch is a purple dog who is Everyman's loyal companion and an expert fighter. She was created and made purple to distinguish her from the achromatic apartment. Originally, Snuffy attacked via biting. After improving their Rapport, the Everyman upgraded her to have robot arms with which she wielded a halberd. After that, Everyman gave her more Creativity along with his Flintlock Pistol and a ton of Gears to upgrade her again, turning Snuffy into more machine than dog, giving her a primitive computer and equipping her with a flip-up minigun. Snuffy's skill in combat seems to be higher than Everyman's, as she won most of his early battles without equipment and has the title of BATTLEBITCH. Snuffy was killed by a giant Void Wolf when she sacrificed herself to save Ryan.

Chairman JackEdit


Chairman Jack was a Giant Void Sparrow before Everyman befriended him via use of Creativity to boost his complexity. After being fused with a rotary saw, Jack helped Everyman in combat with a swarm of Giant Void Birds. After being reacitvated hundreds of years in the future he becomes a weresparrow and is able to morph into a man with a sparrow head, a giant jet sparrow or a huge sparrow tank.Currently has the title of Razorace.

Mary the AnywomanEdit

The woman Everyman willed into existence. She's a little disoriented, and has no comprehension of GAMING ABSTRACTIONS.

Ryan the Office WorkerEdit

Made when a computer was turned on to kill everyman. He later got over this and had children with Mary founding a new human race after everyman's journey to the black star.


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