It was already 1:30 in the afternoon. They would arrive any minute now.
Author SonicLover
Status Inactive
Genre Meta

"A Reasonably Intelligent Discussion" is the tale of a man who discovers that the Channelers - people who create adventures (like those on MSPA forums) - might actually exist. The creator of this argument soon shows up and, with the help of a magic parasol, proceeds to shake the foundations of reality.

The origins of the "Channeler" theoryEdit

Orngjce223 posted to the adventure Delta, explaining a theory in which this particular genre of command-driven adventure is actually the result of a Channeler providing instructions to the mind of someone in another world. In this adventure, the theory is explained and possibly proven through a series of stone tablets found throughout archaeological sites that bear anachronistic terminology.


Ms. Juice has a parasol that allows travel between adventures. Mr. Eldritch is actually a hobbyist Channeler.

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