You are a thief in your thiefhole thiefing about thiefully.
Author Shiraku
Status Inactive
Adventure Begins is a poorly titled adventure by Shiraku, chronicling the adventures of the various heroes and villains of its world.


MSPA forum's interaction with the adventure begins at a later point in the story, having continued from another forum, thus causing a rip in the time plane. Two separate realities now run parallel to one another through the original forum's adventure and MSPA's. Interaction between the two realities from that point onward has vaguely occurred.


The story begins with a thief of questionable abilities standing in his underground home. After having a quick run-through of the area, examining the various objects and locations near his home. With no clear goal in mind as of yet, the only driving force behind the story is the adventurous habits of the characters, mostly Warrior's.

After releasing a monster, headroot, from Thief's bandanna, Warrior dives into a manhole within the thiefhole, into an odd cavernous area. After falling down a flight of stairs in the pitch darkness of the area, Warrior finds a light source and examines odd structures, before crawling through a telepipe. At this point, a Stickman which had first been seen having a crumb stolen from him by thief, introduces himself to the readers, having some sort of immunity to the fourth wall. He answers questions of the reader and ventures forth from his home carved into the wall of the thiefhole, but control is abruptly shifted back to Warrior, who is now in a town of some sort after traveling through the telepipe.


  • Thief R. Stealmore - Is as his name implies, a thief. He is an apparent kleptomaniac and paranoid, but often shows kindness when the situation calls for it. He is also very protective of the manhole in his home, the thiefhole. His absurd speed is his strongest skill.
  • Warrior M. Strong - Seemingly sprung into existence randomly. He's very naive and trusting, but is strangely prone to overreact when he feels threatened in the least. Very adventurous. His excessive strength is his best element.
  • Sticky - Can break the fourth wall at a whim. He often holds direct conversation with the readers, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone willing to ask for it.

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