you have recently graduated from the university of magical studies
Author Quarg
Status Inactive
Genre RPG, Fantasy
This adventure is based around the concept of combining elemental magics together to make new magics. It's name is a portmaneau of Alchemy and Magic.



Combat is simple and turn-based. Each creature, be it protagonist, boss, or friend has health or HP (how much damage they can take before they will need to be revived), stamina or SP (how many techs etc. they can use), mana or MP (how much magic a character can pull off; so far, only Lance has been seen to cast magic that requires MP)



Cast by combining 'elemental orbs'; there are 204 different combinations including combination with the same element and combination with nothing. This includes both positive magic (healing friends, boosts and buffs, etc.) and negative magic (used to deal damage and hinder one's foes).

Common magicEdit

Nothing is known so far about mages who use non-alchemical magic or the magic they wield.

Book MagicEdit

Anyone can cast magic from books (well almost everyone; robots normally can't). Plus, it has no cost!


Combo-techs are a way of dealing more damage and/or damaging extra opponents; basically two or three (or if you have a summon out then possibly even FOUR) attacks are intertwined. For instance, some fire magic and a special attack may create a super special fire attack. 


There are 12 elements that govern the world: fire, ice, water, lightning, wind, earth, light, dark, logic, chaos, life and death. plus three "great elements" space,time and energy Each element has an opposite: fire and ice are opposite, water and lightning are opposite, wind and earth are opposite, light and dark are opposite, logic and chaos are opposite, and life and death are opposite.

Most creatures are resistant and/or weak to specific elements so choosing your attack is important.


Naroltuic is an ancient runic langauge supposedly used by the gods . Much of it is unknown to Lance and his team, and will regularly need to decode it as to solve a puzzle .


This adventure is about a guy called Lance who has recenly graduated from the university of magical studies. After going to the fair with his girl ordinary friend and having his fortune read, he ends up waking in a cave and discovers a evil plot.


  • Lance Goodspar - The main protagonist and a recently graduated alchemage.
  • Sadie Cooper - A warrior skilled with the sword and Lance's girl friend.
  • Sudith - A mechanic who is helping lance and sadie; weilds a wrench as a weapon.
  • Mysterious Floating Guy - A mysterious cloaked figure; probably evil.




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