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Author L33o
Status Active
Genre Comedy, Postmodern, Sci-Fi

The adventure starts with a rather boring start screen. From there, the readers pick Load Game, and load FILE II, which happens to take them to the viewpoint of none other than their main protagonist, CG Strider.

From there, you lead the normal day-to-day life of a dopey robot who just wants to understand why people are into such weird fetishes.

Plot SynopsisEdit

(Warning! A fuckton of spoilers beyond this point, yo!)


While a very large portion of the story itself is not yet written out, it follows CG Strider and his brothers and sisters, i.e. like forty other people and bots alike, as a civil war unfolds thanks to the invention of androids, and their reasoning for equal rights. Both sides, the Carbonists and the Unionists, are explored as the United States takes a turn for the worse.


Affiliate of the popular Crockercorp, STRIDERCORP specializes in, well, something that's probably obvious. A month before SBURB was to be released - something Dave and his friends were looking forward to, Skaianet shut down after filing for bankruptcy, as everyone seemed to be enjoying the rather new concept of androids moreso than some sort of Sims wannabe.

STRIDERCORP is currently run by Dirk "Bro" Strider.


Pretty much self-explanatory. Run by Her Imperious Condescension, also known as Condy Peixes, who is apparently actually human.


J.O.H.N. EgbertEdit


John lives with his dad in a suburban household. He is an android, though no one but himself and Theta know it yet. The original John died in a car crash, before, well, you know. J.O.H.N. was built.

He is known to be terrified of poltergeists and with a slight awe of water.

Alignment: Unionist

R.O.S.E. LalondeEdit

Rose Lalonde lives with her sister, Roxy, and her mother. She is very fetishistic, and frequently makes sexual advances towards Dave. She also enjoys various paraphernalia, such as wizards and poetry, and also wizard poetry.

She is decidedly definitely not a robot.

Alignment: Unknown

Dave StriderEdit

One of the only humans in our unfortunate cast, Dave is a bit different from his canon counterpart. Having grown up in a wealthy family, he is pompous and a bit of an asshole. He enjoys anime, especially that darn Dingle Rompus, and eats frequently, which has had an effect on his body.

He despises Davebot.

Alignment: Carbonist

Davebot Strider (Davesprite)Edit

turntechGuardian is Dave's avian, much fitter "guardian" android, whose job is to keep Dave in check and out of trouble. He doesn't talk very much, and prefers actions instead.

He's a master swordsdroid, and keeps two katanas holstered at all times.

Alignment: Unknown

J.A.D.E. EnglishEdit

Jade is a bit of a dog (literally), who lives with her brother Jake. Together they get up to all sorts of mischief, including stealing from Dave's personal candy stash and sometimes trashing the backyard even moreso than usual. She's a gynoid with some hella spark and some hella dog ears like whoa.

Alignment: Unknown

CG Strider (Karkat)Edit

carcinoGeneticist.~ATH BETA, aka CG, is the main protagonist of our story. He's about 400% more "kawaii" than his canon counterpart, and enjoys video games and sappy romcoms. He's a helpless romantic, and may or may not have a robocrush on Lil Hal.

Alignment: Unionist

Abby Strider  (Aradia)Edit

androidArisen.~ATH BETA

Unrevealed so far.

Alignment: Carbonist

Theta Strider (Vriska)Edit

Alignment: Carbonist

CC Strider (Feferi)Edit

cuttlefishComputer.~ATH BETA is this timeline's counterpart of Feferi, and seems to be very bubbly. She introduced CG to the art of the anime, and presents herself as a "robotto hime", meaning robot princess. She also seems to enjoy fashion.

Alignment: Unknown

J.A.N.E. "Betty" CrockerEdit

Jane is the poster girl of Crockercorp, and was custom-made by STRIDERCORP. She seems to take on the appearance and part of the personality of Crockertier!Jane.

Alignment: Unionist

Dirk StriderEdit

Creator of STRIDERCORP, and Dave's older brother.

Alignment: Carbonist

Jake EnglishEdit

Works for Dirk, and is one of the only human characters.

He's Jade's sister.

Alignment: Unionist (assumed)

Cutlass Strider (Meenah)Edit

cuttlefishComputer.~ATH Alpha is seemingly next-in-line for the Crockercorp throne, despite her status as a gynoid. She is currently in a strong rivalry with Betty, and enjoys parkour and rapping.

She considers herself a gangster.

Alignment: Unknown

Characters with no profileEdit

  • Roxy Lalonde
  • AT Strider
  • Tab Strider (Sollux)
  • Beta Strider (Nepeta)
  • Gabby Strider (Kanaya)
  • GC Strider (Terezi)
  • Equus Strider (Equius)
  • Gan Strider (Gamzee)
  • Cali Strider (Eridan)
  • Alpha Strider (Kankri)
  • Triple Strider (Damara)
  • Rufio Strider (Rufioh)
  • Psi Strider (Mituna)
  • Gamma Strider (Meulin)
  • Mama Strider (Porrim)
  • Lyn-Z Strider (Latula)
  • Agatha Strider (Aranea)
  • CT Strider (Horuss)
  • Antonio Strider (Kurloz)
  • Albus Strider (Cronus)
  • Gatsby Strider (Tavrisprite)
  • McCall Strider (Fefetasprite)
  • Big Hal (ARquiusprite)
  • Jacob Strider (Erisolsprite)
  • Jadien English (Jadesprite)
  • Lil Hal
  • Jakebot

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "No, I am not a robot. Why would you even think that I was a robot? Do you assume all intelligent human women made of meat and suchlike are robots? Because that might have some roots in unresolved childhood anguish that I would be only too happy to discuss with you..." - Rose
  • “Hello sir! I'm carcinoGeneticist.~ATH BETA, and I'm a v1.0 STRIDER001 android model, but you can just call me CG! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. What name would you prefer I call you?" - CG
  • "CG: why would you WANT to blow air inside someone’s vagina."
  • "CG: why do people not like trans* people??? is it because if you look into a lady’s pants and see a weenie you might not have been expecting that???"
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