w a k e u p s a m u e l
Author Archduke_Ferdinand
Status Inactive
Awake is a forum adventure by Archduke_Ferdinand. It follows the protagonist, Samuel, as he is directed by unknown entities to "escape the end".


At the onset of the adventure, Samuel wakes up after strange red words appear to him in his sleep, which instruct him to awaken and insinuate some type of urgency. He attempts to go about normal day-to-day activities, but is unsettled by red text or arrows appearing briefly over various objects, such as "poison" appearing over all the food items in the house.

Unnerved by this and unable to find his car keys, he flees his house on foot, having more hallucinatory experiences along the way. He is retrieved by his sister, and is followed by an incorporeal man surrounded in red haze whose presence is not acknowledged by anyone else.

Eventually, he is knocked unconscious at an abandoned gas station and has a brief discussion with an entity who initially speaks in red words. Afterwards, Samuel wakes in an unknown location with two doors, one of which is filled with differently-colored floating "vines" that cause Samuel to hear voices when he touches them.

Exploring this area, he encounters an orange man who claims to have gone through nearly identical experiences prior to his arrival.


  • Samuel - Samuel is the protagonist. He lives with his sister and is old enough to drive, if he can find his keys. Little else is known about him.
  • Samuel's Sister - Samuel's sister seems to harbor a growing concern for her brother's well-being, and goes out to look for him when he leaves the house on foot. Dislikes unhealthy foods.
  • Red Haze Man - The Red Haze Man appears unexpectedly with Samuel in the backseat of his car. He seems incapable of speech, but can write out text or symbols in red. Both the being and his writing are invisible to everyone but Samuel. He informs Samuel that he must "Escape the end" but seems unwilling or unable to elaborate.
  • Jeff - Jeff is a mysterious being who speaks to Samuel briefly and imparts some information regarding Samuel's goals. He is aware of the Red Haze Man, and claims to be working for him.
  • The Orange Guy - Samuel encounters The Orange Guy near a structure surrounded by floating vines. He claims to have had similar experiences to Samuel's. He has what appears to be a triangle on his head.

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