you are on a date with a most beautiful HIPPO LADY
Author sfou
Status Complete

Beardate is an MSPA created by sfou, and is widely hailed to be one of the greatest, most plot driven creations of our time. Surpassing other such modern classics as Mutewood and Bob Must Die, this great tome epitomizes everything a person could want in an MSPAFA: Revenge, love, romance, and a bittersweet, introspective ending that brought tears to many eyes. Its great length would, one might assume, drive away new readers, but the haunting tales of its creation draw in new admirers by the dozen each day. Truly an achievement in the format, Beardate will live on in our hearts and forum for years to come.


The story begins with you on a date with a lovely female hippo, with great hippo teeth and a nubbin coming out of her head. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful bear woman catches your eye. The way the light drips lazily across her brown fur, the way her teeth glisten in a way both seductive and intimidating- she calls to you. Eventually, you slip away from the table to join her. Suffice to say the intricate nature of the plot cannot truly be expressed here, but this is as good a summary as any mortal hand could hope to create.

Cowdate: Feminine MooingEdit

This cow is rather tempting. What do you do with it?
Author fait
Status Complete

Originally planned as a potential sequel to this magnum opus, the concept was abandoned by sfou and put in the hands of fait, who did interesting things with the unaffiliated, non-canon entry in the series. Suffice to say that it was not received quite as well, as the puzzles contained were far more difficult this time around. Not many people who began reading it managed to finish, for this and only this reason.

Tropes UsedEdit

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