You stand in your room, trying to think of a name...
Author Disva
Status Active
Better off Alone is the MSPA Forum Adventure that is made entirely with pivot. It was created on 11/30/10, and the author is so narcissitic that she actually created the wiki page for the adventure in less than 24 hours of the adventure's beginning. She also has no idea how to write wiki articles.


The adventure starts with the main character standing in a plain room, with a single bed. After naming him Amillio Tovip, he recieves a call from his girlfriend, who breaks up with him. After exploring the house a bit and recieving an inventory system, he proceeds to murder his next door neighbor, then somehow channel his rage into modifying his body to a demonic, spiked being, using his new form to kill two cops and take out a helicopter. An intermission then starts, withthe two unchosen body froms fooling around in "The Void" before activating the tie and apparently creating a universe. They kill a giant creature and travel through to the next land, where they meet Amillio Tovip, who had discovered the portal there by dodging light. They adventure a bit more, with Amillio becoming more and more distressed by the dual-mind he apparently has with Blue, the demon he had chosen. Eventually, Green seperates the two, leaving Amillio to wander in brainspace, as he is too vulnerable, and they do not have a body for him. There he explores his mind a bit, and recives a sort of training from an odd figure.

Tropes UsedEdit

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