Author AllIsLost
Status Complete
Genre Serious
Bob Must Die is an adventure by AllisLost. It is noted for its groundbreaking length (200 pages + an extra thread for post-game comments) and unforgiving nature towards stupid suggestions. The play mechanic is now utilised by a large number of DUELs.

Mechanics Edit

Combat during "base-mode" was turn-based, with stronger attacks taking longer to arrive. Bases and research facilities were built to unlock more types of soldiers. When the readers suffered from apathy due to the intense difficulty, a barrier or time-lock or some other mechanic kicked in to allow the team to regroup and rebuild the army. When the squad entered Bob's base, each commander each carried with them their own team. Falling prey to traps meant losing a party member each time from the team of whoever succumbed to the trap. In the fight between Smart Wasp and Bob, an extensive skill tree was set up, but the fight concluded before it could be used.


The story begins by introducing Bob, the only information given that you know he is evil. You and Bob take turns building up armies and Bases of Operations, and at the end you send in a special team into Bob's base to take Bob out.


  • Bob

The evil character. He builds defenses against your attacks. You must kill him.

  • Smart Wasp

Destiny proclaims that "When Bob has won, the Wasp will be the Maker". Survived where all other units were massacred.

  • Super Locksmith

The first "Super" unit. Spent most of the battle protecting the Base of Operations, while consorting with ladies with lemonade offscreen. He eventually retired to make way for another super-unit.

  • Rainbowshirts

Three commanders who showed up in a Kick-Ass-Mobile. There was Ram (The brawn) Ray (The brains) and Speedy (the thing which starts with 'B' and is about being fast). They all died at various points in the battle

  • Spectrum Shirt

The "Super" unit who appeared after Super Locksmith's retirement. His shirt gave him the power of all other units, depending on the colour. He was killed after being captured, and sucking at diplomacy.

  • Spectrum Shield

Spectrum Shirt's defensive counterpart. His hat granted him defensive shields from all attacks, depending on the colour. Mecha-Bob stabbed him with his energy blade when SS got trapped in a force field.

  • Doctor

First "Boss" in Bob's base. Used hallucinogenic gas on the Rainbowshirts, but joined them afterward. Responsible for creating ZSS. Killed in action, fighting the third robot "Paction" boss

  • Zombie Spectrum Shirt

The second "Boss" the Rainbowshirts and their squads fought in Bob's base. Brought back to life by the Doctor. Killed after Ray sniped him in the head, getting lucky with some clovers.

Tropes Used Edit

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