Your name is Hannah Cherry. You are the 4th out of 6 siblings. Today is February 28, your 15th birthday.
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  • Hannah Cherry
  • Sylvia Ochre
  • Kali A. Mayors
  • Razlo Svartur
  • Chisel Harken
  • Ulysses Djinn-Born

Terrible ThirteenEdit

The Terrible Thirteen are the final bosses of the game. Not much is known about them but they need to be defeated in order for the game to end. So far it shows that the Terrible Thirteen is not a tight knit group, but are just working together towards a common goal.

  • Puppeteer - Indirectly attacked the Main Characters using the Demonic Puppet known as Cindi.
  • Magician - One of the first of the Terrible Thirteen to be in proximity with the main characters. He seems to have had a mother who had died, possible murdered. He appears to have a soulforged Katana handle.
  • Masked Man - One of the first to be introduced, he is possibly the brains behind the group.
  • Redneck - He is able to disguise himself, but the extent of this power is unknown. He seems to enjoy playing games with people. He seems to be associated with the Ghost.
  • Ghost - His powers are unknown, it appears that he posesses a host body.
  • Skeleton - His powers are unknown, though it has been hinted that they are fear based.
  • Tieren with the Robot Eye - He is the father of the Magician. He either has three beasts within or just one with three heads.


The spectators of cherry quest do not seem to have much impact on the plot and their true purpose has yet to be revealed. They also are able to communicate with the audience. So far all they have done is help decide which of the main characters would be revealed next and give recaps.

  • Pride - The first spectator to appear, he does not seem to care for the main characters.
  • The Glutton
  • Mephistopheles
  • Lamia
  • Ranaxim - The only spectator to have interacted with the main characters.
  • Johann Kirsche
  • Dimitri

Tropes UsedEdit

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