Wait... what was your name?
Author Pozeal
Status Completed

Chronic Amnesiac is a forum adventure made by Pozeal. It focuses on two characters, both of whom have extreme cases of memory loss.

Plot Edit

The adventure opens on a character in his house. While he goes by several names throughout the adveture, his original name is John. After becoming severely confused, he leaves his house and wanders to an office building. This leads to a conversation with a man named Phillip Jamison, who also has a case of amnesia. He effectively "befriends" John and the two create a rabbit that turns people into zombies. A zombie is set loose, but ignores John and Phillip because of their weak brains. They eventually end up at a fair, where a run in with the cops leads to a sad end.

Characters Edit

  • John - The original protagonist. He has a terrible case of amnesia, and doesn't seem to be capable of functioning in society.
  • Phillip Jamison - A man who works at an ofice building. He usually has a friend named Steven help him remember things.
  • The Zombie - A zombie created by John and Phil's efforts to take over the world. He attacks his masters, but decides to leave them alone when he discovers that they are idiots.
  • The Rather Short Policeman - A small officer of the law who attempts to stop John and Phil's rampage through town. He ends up getting his gun stolen.


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