Colonization Quest
"It is MORNING. Here is your COLONY, first task for you, your RULERSHIP."
Author AngryToad
Status Inactive

Colonization Quest is a MSPA adventure created by the user AngryToad in which the user controls the Ruler of a small colony. The game shows the gradual development of a small colony (later named Colonus) and its struggles against the environment. Apart from the various colonists and natives, the game includes several Gods, some spirits and two twins of the afterlife.



  • Chekhov
  • Sir Sir The First
  • Sir Sir The Second
  • Holy One
  • Mountain God
  • Holy Oness
  • Chiaron
  • Molarch
  • Twin of Hell
  • Twin of Heaven
  • Older Sister of Purgatory

Tropes UsedEdit

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