Very often, adventures will open with the character having very little idea of who they are, where they are and/or what they are supposed to do. The protagonist may be trying to repress a dark and disturbing memory... or they could have just gotten hit in the head with a rock... It's probably the latter.

This technique makes it easier to justify the normal Adventure-Game style used in MSPaint Fan Adventures. The audience doesn't know anything about the world because neither does the main character. Sometimes these adventures lead to a quest to discover the past, other times it is done so the writer doesn't have to create a back story.

All too often, the amnesiac in question will be renamed.

Examples Edit


The adventure follows Hank's quest to remember who he is and why he is dead. Only then can he return to Life.

The name of the FA/The purpose of the FA is to remember EVERYTHING.

You do not know who you are, what you are, or where you are. All you know is that you have a purpose, and one that must be fulfilled before it's too late.

You awaken with very few memories... All you can remember is pushing a few buttons on your calculator in your bedroom, and then...

The protagonist kept forgetting things.

Masha remembers less and less of things from before she attained sentience.

You have no idea who you are or where, for that matter...

The titular namelessness is, so far, because the main character has total amnesia. It also can't remember anything before the first panel.

Where are you? And more importantly, who are you? You can't seem to remember your name. What was it?

Why are you here? you can't remember...

As so often happens in this sort of game, you wake up in a strange room with no recollection of where you are, who you are, or what your purpose is.

You are in the open plains, you don't remember how you got here, but you remember two important things...

At least you still have your memori-...

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