You are this ADORABLE little CORGI dog. SO ADORABLE. What to you do?
Author MyiFanW
Status Completed

Corgi Adventure is an adventure by MyifanW. It follows the story of a Corgi cruelly kicked to death by The Evil Overlord.

Plot Edit

The Corgi, called Ein, lives a happy life yipping and doing flips until he is teleported away by the Evil Overlord who cruelly kicks him to death. The Corgi ascends to heaven and has fun but he misses his owner and so returns to Earth. He is sad once again when he finds he cannot interact with people any more and a light appears before him, offering him the opportunity to return to Heaven. The Corgi declines the offer determined to find his owner. He closes his eyes and focuses on his owner and finds himself back home again with his master happily calling his name, but it turns out that Ein cannot interract with his owner. He is sad again. He tries to attract his owners attention only to find an evil black imp sitting on his owner's shoulders. The Corgi bravely attacks the imp thing and bites it's head right off. It dies and Ein takes it's place on his owner's shoulder, but then has to drive off a whole lot more imps that materialise from a hole in the wall.

Ein's owner heads off to sleep.

Characters Edit


The Corgi is often sad.

  • Ein - Ein is a very sad and a very dead Corgi, he is very loyal to his owner. Is earthbound after staying by his owner and fending off his imps.
  • Owner - Ein's owner. He misses Ein very much. Ascended to heaven.
  • Evil Imp - A horrible demonic rat imp thing sitting on Ein's owner's shoulder for some reason.
  • Big Imp - A very big demonic rat imp thing, and it fights Ein in a very intense battle.


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