Reunited at last

You can't always expect the hero to go it alone. Behind every strong man is a cute, cuddly sidekick. More often than not, nesting in their hair. And in some cases, it may even be their hair.


Cool Robot and its spawn, Robo-berry


Sugarloaf, Frost Bit, Shield Bit


Suzie, Einphys

Happy Face

General Oswald Duck

Bartholemeu and Marcello

Morlin, and non-canon in-joke Hairasite

Harold. Trope named after the command > Recruit gosling as dashing sidekick.

Super Tortoise and Nervous Businessman

Nigel, and Nigel's sidekick-within-a-sidekick Nigel's Thornberry. And even then Nigel's Thornberry is backed up by a Small Piece Of Rubble.

Reversed; the Hero essentially becomes the Spider Hero's sidekick, due to the fact that the Hero is actually weaker than the Spider Hero. Also subverted; the Spider Hero gains the ant as his sidekick, that actually turns on him later on in the act.

Snuffy the Pooch, purple robot dog.

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