This young duck is standing in his because today is his birthday I guess. Though he is four hundred aquacial splashes old it is only today that he will receive a name.
Author Ixcalibur
Status Active

Duckstuck follows the adventures of a group of anthropomorphic ducks as they play the cool new game SDUCK, amongst other things.


Wadsy is a silly duck. He wants to play SDUCK and gets bothered by Liz. She wants to play SDUCK with him but doesn't have a disk. Her friend OO is creepy and wants to play SDUCK with her. She goes to a restaurant run by Ixcaliber, the self-insert author of the adventure. The restaurant only serves duck and Liz appears to be in peril, when it cuts away to a new duck who is yet to be named.


  • Ixcaliber - The author of the adventure. He appears from time to time to explain things or chide the readers for making assumptions about how Duckstuck works.
  • Wadsy - A purple irised duck. He is very silly.
  • Liz - A blue irised duck. She is very excitable.
  • OO - A mysterious duck. He is very creepy.
  • Frederica - A pink irised punk duck. She is kept in a basement by a mysterious man with a domino for a head.

Tropes UsedEdit

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