Dungeon Stuck
A small LAD rests against a pillar, deep in the heart of a FRIGHTENING DUNGEON.
Author Takorii
Status Inactive
Genre RPG

A boy. A dungeon. A poor memory. The beginnings of any great adventure.


A boy wakes up in a dungeon. He has no idea of how he got here. According to his memos, he fell asleep in his English class. This is not his English classroom. The only option for him is to explore.


  • Leon Castwell - The protagonist. A.K.A creativeContriver. He is shown to be highly forgetful, to the point of not remembering his own name. He makes up for this by keeping memos on his phone.
  • Dale Riverman - An acquaintance of Leon via the IM application on his phone, on which he is known as abyssalAdventurer. He is known to scuba dive often. He and Leon recently met in person in the dungeon.
  • Zeke Ivandale - Also known as anomalousTrawler. He has a collection of fishing poles in his room, the door of which is boarded up to prevent theft.
  • calculusTactician - An acquaintance of Dale's via the IM app. He or she is known to be waiting for an application called remoteFix.


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