"A man sits in his house on a rainy night. The man's name is Eddie, as evidenced by his seeming protagonistness and the name of the thread in which his story is presented. The TV is on. What will you do?"
Author Eddie
Status Complete

Eddie is an adventure about the titular character, Eddie, and his neighbor, Leslie Sanzabelt Jaynes.


Eddie is disturbed by a knock on the door while relaxing at home on a rainy evening. His neighbor, Leslie, has locked both her car and house keys in her car, and asks to come inside to dry off. Various hijinx ensue, and mysterious post-it notes are found. Worrying about his mural, Eddie and Leslie set off for the workshop.


  • Eddie - A large, lovable oaf who invents and builds various Nerf weapons, as well as makes Art.
  • Leslie Sanzabelt Jaynes - Eddie's funky fresh neighbour. She is highly skilled in the art of Nerf combat and (possibly?) yo-yo tricks.
  • Primo - May be antagonist. Leaves post-it note clues around Eddie's house, some of which with strange or cryptic messages. He seems rather unstable, expressing a desire to "get out of the rain" despite apparently being inside Eddie's house.

Tropes UsedEdit

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