Your name is Carlyle Quantis. You are standing a short distance from your house, thirty minutes before your first class begins.
Author Lord Paradise
Status Inactive
Genre Comedy

Eduventure, also known as Cesarventure, follows the last week of school in the life of Carlyle Quantis, an artsy and rather awkward student, as he struggles to get good grades and become at least mildly popular.

Plot Edit

Carlyle is a student of Focal High School, where the action mostly takes place. The adventure isn't particularly plot-driven; it's really a series of side-quests given out by the students and teachers. However, there are a few overarching plots, such as the school elections and the malfunctioning teacherbot. Carlyle's main concern right now is the disappearance of the school's desks, which have been stolen by Gerardo (the resident mad scientist) for reasons unknown. With Gerardo enlisting him to steal the remaining desks, and the Principal asking him to find and return the missing ones, Carlyle faces a conflict of interests. He decides to help out Gerardo, who apparently wields considerable power.

Characters Edit

Major CharactersEdit

  • Carlyle Quantis - The main character of the story. His goal is to complete enough quests to raise his Academic (AGPA) and Social (SGPA) Grade Point Averages.
  • Cesar Philbeck - Another presidetial candidate, he acts like his namesake, Julius Cæsar.
  • Kara Riggles - Another art student, a pryokinetic, and a possible romantic interest.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nikki Kahley - Carlyle's neighbor, and a recurring character. She generally acts mean towards Carlyle.
  • Gerardo Pryde - A nerd in Carlyle's science class. He has a Doctor Manhattan T-shirt and shorts that take up the appearance of whatever's behind them. He tasks Carlyle with collecting the school's few remaining student desks.
  • Carmel Chevrier - A girl so popular, she has a 3.99 SGPA. She is the incumbent presidential candidate, and forces Carlyle to vote for her.
  • Mr. Kloss - The Vice Principal of Focal High. He appears and acts like Santa Claus, with the exception of fervent Nazism.
  • Mr. Piercings - The school's principal, he has a face full of piercings and a room full of tye-die. He has a laid-back teaching philosophy, for which reason he (temporarily) replaced all AGPAs' numbers with abstract concepts such as "Autumn Bonfire".

Tropes Used Edit

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