you must do anything to escape
Author sporb
Status Inactive

Escape from the Derragend Jail [sic] stars a man of no name and his two sidekicks on their quest to escape from a rather confusing jail. It is drawn in MS Paint, and features characters in full color with black and white backgrounds.

Plot Edit

The story begins with a man dressed fully in blue with no name to speak of waking up in a jail cell. He has been convicted for no good reason, and decides to try and use his wits and crumpled piece of paper to escape. After some compelling activities such as turning on sinks and fashioning shoes, he discovers a trap door, which leads to another cell in which he finds a dead man and a door. The blue-shirted man constructs a robot out of questionable materials, and soon becomes the robot by drinking its urine. After entering another room, he finds a man known as Orange Shirt who joins no-name's team.

Characters Edit

  • No Name - No Name is just that; a character with no name. While he originally wears a blue shirt and Move Left Shoes, he transforms into a robot a little into the adventure. He seems to not have much of a personality, making his name fitting; however, it appears that he has an affinity for disgusting by-products of the body, and even builds a robot out of feces.
  • Happy Face - Originally an Angry Face, Happy Face is a large, floating, smiling face that joined No Name's team when he cheered it up into Happy Face. Its exact origins are unknown, as it seems to have just appeared out of nowhere. While no powers or abilities have been shown as of yet, he did brutally beat down the unnamed man wearing a yellow shirt. He also appears to be inedible, saving him from a tired cliché.
  • Orange Shirt - Orange Shirt is a second man who was locked up in the Derragend Jail. He was arrested for wearing an orange shirt without a permit, but seems to still keep it on in an act of rebellion. He appears to be incredibly gullible, choking himself to death when told that No Name is a phantom.
  • Yellow Shirt
  • Bad-Ass Face

Tropes UsedEdit

  • Crumpled Piece Of Paper - The trope namer, No Name begins the adventure with a Crumpled Piece Of Paper... And nothing else
  • Ride Adventure Like A Mechanical Bull - A pumpkin is one of the first items found by No Name, and are used to make shoes. Additionally, No Name MC Hammer Slides into a trapdoor.
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