You are a SENTIENT FIREBALL. You drift lazily next to the LOCAL CONVENIENCE STORE, and are feeling particularly existensial today. In fact, it suddenly occurs to you that being a SENTIENT FIREBALL is incedibly boring! So you decide, you want to be a REAL LITTLE GIRL.
Author Draykon, Archduke Ferdinand
Status Inactive
Genre Comedy

FIREBALL WHICH HAS PERCEPTION FORCE LEARN FRIENDSHIP MEANING is a forum adventure made by Draykon and Archduke Ferdinand for Andanotherone's Adventure Contest. Draykon has since left the adventure. Due to the broken english of the main character and narration people often submit commands in similarly broken english. It is the only adventure so far to have won the prestigious Flaming Bunnies Award.

Plot Edit

The story starts off with a sentient fireball being bored of being such and becoming a little girl. She calls herself Miri-Tan. She is not experienced in being human and realises she will have to practice interracting with people. For this she goes to the local Miko Mart, where she meets the cashier girl. Unfortunately due to one thing and another Miri-Tan does not make a good impression and burns the shop down. The cashier girl eventually feels sorry for an upset Miri-Tan and reluctantly befriends her by giving her a smallish prinny called Frederick. The manager of the shop promptly shows up to chastise Cashier Girl for her inept shopkeeping. The manager informs her that she is expected to repay $3,000,000 in damages to the Andy Corporation within the month. Miri-Tan and Cashier Girl open up a bakery/crematorium/detective agency to raise the money. Frederick the smallish prinny heads out to get supplies. He meets a potential customer on his travels and attempts to demonstrate the crematorium services on a nearby coffin. The story then switches to Manager Andy, head of the Andy Corporation. Prinny Land has declared war on the Andy Corporation and an army of prinnies is marching towards his Terribly Decorated Mauve Tower of Relaxation. He contemplates how to proceed.

Characters Edit

  • Miri-Tan - Once a sentient fireball Miri-Tan is not used to being a human. She doesn't understand human emotions or modes of behaviour. She speaks incredibly broken english and seeks only to befriend people, especially the Cashier Girl.
  • Cashier Girl - The shopkeeper of the local Miko-Mart, she knows how to ceiling step. Cashier Girl is constantly bewildered by Miri-Tan's odd behavior and although initially hostile she eventually gives up and puts up with Miri-Tan.
  • Frederick - A smallish prinny.
  • Manager Andy - The owner of the Andy Corporation. He speech is full of clauses and legalese, he has a very no nonsense attitude. He's not very good at coming up with names for things.


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