Familystuck is a story that is located on the MSPFanventure site. It is ran by PurplePandaAndCo.

The session takes place in a parallel universe and the kids are playing the Omega version of Sburb.


The story begins on Mark Lakotis' 17th birthday on January 12th, 2013. He is the winner of a contest to get the prototype of the game Sburb. He has 3 siblings that he plays the game with, his sisters Hali and Cara and younger brother Nick. 

Their game quickly shows signs of being a failed session, with Mark panicking about bringing his family into such a tragedy. They hack into a session that is happening nearby and begin the game, little knowledge about their new session players.

The PlayersEdit

The four kids have to quickly join another session in order not to have their session completely dead, joining a troll session. An unique thing about the combined session planets, is that the trolls planets are orbiting around the kids planets. 

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