You and your cargo (the Weighted Companion Rune) have landed safely. That's it! You finally passed the Godpit! Now to find that pumpkin!
Author nupanick
Status Inactive

Flatland is an adventure involving runes, glyphs, and two alternate universes. Your aim is to cross the soon-to-be Inpenetrable Godwall and get the pumpkin on the other side.


When you feel enough of an emotion, a rune appears above your head. These runes are collectible. Switching between the universes involves passing through the floor, or passing through the "dither" (a b/w "checkerboard" pattern) with the side effect that, instead of changing colour, you gain an outline.


"You are this guy. There is a big wall blocking your path. You sense that there is something you really want [a pumpkin] on the other side of that wall. What do you do?" Unfortunately, the wall ascends to godlike status very early on in the game and cannot be passed normally. You find a shovel and attempt to dig your way under the wall. After getting (visibly) frustrated, you take the frustration rune above your head and offer it to the wall. It then passes you through to the other side of the ground. Oh, and while you're messing around, someone takes the pumpkin away and walks into a castle on the side you started on.


  • Doug - The main, male protagonist, initially unnamed until about page 33. You seem to be the only character to "cross over" in the whole adventure.
  • Rose - The female protagonist. Has a spade and some other thing.


  • Color Me Adventurous - Even though the whole adventure is in straight black & white, there's a lot of focus on those two colours.
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