A light turns on beyond the pane of glass.
Author thriggle
Status Completed
Genre Comedy

Focus Group is an adventure by thriggle, which takes place entirely within a small room. The readers play the part of the captive focus group, externally observing and influencing the events. They must approve or disapprove of each new development; many readers believe that the majority vote wins out, and that the decision has some bearing on what will happen next.

Plot Edit

A man (Dave Bortor) awakes inside the room, unaware of his audience or the nature of the experiment. The focus group instantly disapprove of him, and he is subsequently eaten by a tentacle monster. However, the majority also disapprove of the monster; a robot is soon sent in to dispatch it. After a brief battle, both the monster and the robot are destroyed. Dave emerges from the monster's stomach, minus half an arm, and turns his thoughts towards escape as the ceiling begins to lower. As Dave frantically searches for a way out, a large blue robot crashes into the room. It tempts Dave with cake, and then grabs him with its chest compartment. The group disapproves of the way Dave is being handled and the robot, seemingly offended, ejects him against the wall and leaves. The ceiling lowers completely, crushing everything but Dave, who hid in a small hole in the wall. Another compartment is revealed to hold Kermit the Frog, who pops out and (because people like the Muppets) announces the Muppets episode, with their guest, David Bortor. Upon announcing, the other Muppets leap from their compartments into the room, while Dave watches on in horror.


  • Dave Bortor - A man. Half protagonist, half unwilling test subject.
  • A Tentacle Monster - A monster with tentacles. It unsuccessfully eats a man, and is killed by a robot. Or is it? Yes.
  • Some Robots - Robots. With lasers.
  • Blue Robot - A robot that broke into the room and unsuccesfully brought Dave back out with it.
  • The Muppets - You should know them. They're (living) puppets in a children's TV show.

Tropes Used Edit

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