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You are Dot. You are trying to get to Line
Author Pozeal
Status Complete

Get to Line is an MSPAFA created by Pozeal in which you play as dot attempting to get to the line you have been attempting to get to all your life in a rollercoaster of excitement, emotion, and danger!


The story begins with dot, the protaganist of the story, attempting to get to line and the far right side of the screen. Unfortunately, as soon as dot reaches the line, he transforms into a person, who, now obeying gravity in a less safe sense, plummets to earth. He lands on what appears to be the ground, and uses the lines to fashion wings. He then flies up, but cannot seem to find the line. After a quick look, though, he finds the line, and soars to it. With that, the game ends.


  • Dot - Dot tried to get to the line, but unfortunately became a Person and fell to what appears to be the ground. He then fashioned wings of the lines from the ground, flew upwards, took a look around, and flew over to the line to be reunited and end the adventure.
  • Line - Was missed by dot originally, but was soon reunited with him in the end once the Person fashioned wings to get to it.

Tropes Used