I don't think so, Tim!

Thanks to Hello, Insert Name Here, characters in new adventures and new characters in adventures are frequently initially nameless; inevitably, this leads to a proliferation of terrible names, from Dung Fhart to Blast Hardcheese (a reference to an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000) to the eponymous Gorblesnatch von Humperdink.

This trope refers not to names that are merely bad or unused, but to names created explicitly for sounding stupid, funny, or otherwise unusable. It was named for some jerk's repeated use of that name as a suggestion for a number of adventures early in the forum's history.


Prof. Pumpernickel.  "You make a mental note to bang your head against a wall repeatedly later for thinking up that ridiculous name."

Almost all the characters cycle through various increasingly-silly names, especially STARMAN BOSSFISH.

Doctor von Cheeselaser.

Luminus Ratio. He forgets his surname.

Ohemgee Lawsors

While all of the characters are already named, Curly Brace is rarely called by her actual name.

Dwayne was almost named Big Hadron Collider

Hatty A. Fedor, "His Grace His Excellency the Duke of Flat Grassy Area Sir Henry Q. Fnackledorp the Third, Esquire", "Duke Mister Empire Holder, King of the Third Legion, Lord of 12,000 Men, and Shogun to 52 Samurai, Lord Not Sure", Howdoi Usethisthing

Melissa Ferdinand (What are you, a rock star?) was eschewed for the pleasantly impish X'Vlt.

Actually used to the author's intention. Letters in "Ranchodor Excrementking" were removed annihilated to create the name "Andre Cementi."

"Tinkle Hams" is not a good name for an elf.

Subverts trope by intentionally soliciting terrible names in order to mock the reader.

Jazz McSly, AWESUMD00D 2009, sodapop, johnnycasual, Bubblegum0718, Pants, g0m, Pantses, Woodsmell Treesmith, Pandapantses, Pantsies, Esquire Pantaloons the Second Sr., Gorblesnatch von Humperdink (of course), Pantsieses.

Kidney Lumber Quatrain, Dhung Fart, SUPAMIN MCAWSUMFAIC, Nuzz Clubcheese and more, and more, and more. One could almost argue the readers are subverting it in this one.

Poopface, Matt Matthew, Matt Blahbla.

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