HeartStuck is

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a popular alternate universe adventure of Homestuck, designed as a parody (or perhaps a shrine) to a genre of cheesy anime games called Dating Sims. It is written by lovecraftianParadox.


This wiki makes no attempts to avoid spoilers. If you haven't caught up with it yet, you may ruin things for yourself.

{"wow fuck you for making this" -lovecraftianParadox}

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Accessible AreasEdit

Your Room

Jade and Nepeta's Room

Vice Principal Office

Scratch's office

Sewing Club Room

Ballet room

The Library

The Cafeteria

World Geometry Class

Botany Class

English Class

Drama Class

Geometry Class

Chemistry Class

Creative Writing Class


Lolar Park

Symbolism and ParallelsEdit

There is literally too much symbolism to put in one wiki page. If you notice, sweet!!! If you don't, you can still enjoy the dick jokes.

Unlocked EndingsEdit

The Intermission:Edit


Everybody Cries.



Ending Unlocked! "Grimdark"

Class SchedulesEdit

-Classes are 45 minutes long

-Karkat's free period sits in the 5th period slot with geometry. Prosperse academy is in Austria somewhere, and Skaia is in the tri-state area(the tri-state area is where Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont meet OR the area where Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut do) of New England, USA. {C}- Austria is gmt +1, and New England is gmt -4, so Prosperse is five hours ahead of Skaia.

Kanaya reference:Edit

1.World Geography: No data.
Jade, Nepeta, Jane
Botany: No data. Perhaps uses music like Homestuck?
3.English: No data
Jade, Nepeta, Aradia, Jane
4.Drama: Confidence class.
Vriska, Terezi, Serenity, Aradia, OCs Sochre and Lazuli, [Rufio]
5.Geometry: Easy. Clare doesn't seem to care. Hints at hard tests. Pass notes/make plans/chat on PDA. No talking
Terezi, Feferi, Jane, [Miss. Clare]
6.Chemistry [156]: access to characters in a seemingly free-to-talk area. Other uses?
Rose, Serenity, Dirk, Jane, [Mrs. Echidna]
7.Creative Writing: Haven't seen use of IMAGINATION. Subconscious?
Jane, probably Rose, [Professional Instructor]
8.Free period


Skaia Academy:Edit


Kanaya Maryam:Edit

Goals: Be a Fashion Designer, Make friends
Note#1: Tries too hard
Karma: 37
Inventory: People: Grubb (mom)

The main character. She was sent to the Skaia academy for girls by her chastity obsessed mother to keep her away from boys; her room is in the Green Wing. She relies heavily on her overdeveloped Charm stat to PLATONICALLY seduce the rest of the female cast.

Aradia Megido:Edit
Aradia Megido

Peeve#1: Liars
Latest stats: CHARM: 5 INTELLIGENCE: 20 STRENGTH: 45 -Most CONSTITUTION of [Nep, Kan, Jade], auto-assigned as TANK
Note#1: Poor fashion sense
Note#2: When she learns about Tavros, beware shitstorm
Note#3: Sports scholarship
Note#4: Orphan
Note#5: Under "arrest" by SS for mobbing Vriska
Rpoints: 33
Weapon: Body
People: Vriska (enemies), Terezi (Enemies), Lux (?), Sol (friend)
Classes: World History, Spanish, English, Algebra,
Drama, Biology and Physical Education

Nepeta Leijon:Edit
Nepeta Leijon

Note#1: In pain still
Note#2: Track scholarship
Latest stats: CHARM: 20 INTELLIGENCE: 20 STRENGTH: 20 -Most FINESSE of [Kan, Jade, Arad], auto-assigned as CROWD CONTROL
Like#1: Furries
Rpoints: 36
Weapon: Pen-claws
People: Jade(roommate), SS(enemies)
Classes: World Geo, Art, English, Algebra, Hunter Ed.(Vriska, [Mr. Lier]), Biology, P.E

Jade's roommate at the Skaia academy for girls. She recently broke up with her BOYFRIEND Equius, and is one of Kanaya's first friends at the school.

Feferi Peixes:Edit

Note#1: Needs to fight to choose who she romances
Note#2: Crushing on Jade
Note#3: Prefect
Rpoints: -2
People: Jane(friend), Queen(mom), A Makara (fiancée)

Jade Harley:
Jade Harley

Note#1: Feisty, angry at the school's corruption
Note#2: Moved to avoid creeper Bete Noir
Rpoints: 50
Latest stats: CHARM: 15 INTELLIGENCE: 30 STRENGTH: 35 -Most MARKSMANSHIP of [Nep, Kan, Arad], auto-assigned as DPS
Weapon: Pistol
People: Nepeta(roommate), SS(enemies), Rose(dislike), Dave(crush on her)
Classes: World Geo, Botany, English, Physics, Calculus, Robotics, Art

Another student at the Skaia academy. She attends the academy because she was being stalked by one Bete Noir, and is housed in the Green Wing. She is the first girl to be unwittingly seduced by Kanaya. She uses a pistol in combat.

Terezi Pyrope:Edit
Note#1: Resistant to charm
Note#2: Prefect
Note#3: Blind to Vriska's flaws/Aradia's virtues
Note #4: Strong morality
RPoints: 5
Latest stats: 4 CHARM, 30 STRENGTH, 50 INTELLIGENCE.
Weapon: Drubbing stick
People: Vriska(make out buddies, SS, roommate), any who oppose her order(Enemies), Karkat?, Aradia("arrested")
Classes: 4.Drama 5.Geometry

Rose Lalonde:

Note#1: Resistant to charm
Note#2: Mom issues
Rpoints: 3
Latest stats: CHARM: 30 INTELLIGENCE: 40 STRENGTH: 15
People: Vriska("something"), Dave?

Serenity Themis:

Latest stats: charm: 15 strength: 25 intelligence: 30, hinted prestige stat
Like#1: Democracy
Note #1: From Can town, Texas
People: Rufio?, WV?

Jane Crocker:Edit
Latest stats: Charm: 35 Intelligence: 20 Strength: 20 Prankster's Gambit: 36
Like#1: Moustaches
People: Feferi(friend)
Rpoints: 12
Classes: World Geo, English, Home Ec, Culinary Arts, Geometry, Chemistry, Creative Writing

Vriska Serket:Edit

Note#1: Weak to Kanaya's charm
Note#2: Mom issues
Rpoints: 6
People: Rose("something"), Terezi(SS/makeout buddies/roommate), Kan(repressed past)
Classes: 4.Drama 5.Hunter Ed.(Nepeta, [Mr. Lier])
People: Calmasis?, Kracht(dad)

Roxy Lalonde:

Note#1: Nurse's aide
Note#2: Kanaya's first kiss
Rpoints: 12
People: Nurse(mom), Rose(sis)

Dirk Strider:Edit

Note: Not suitable for harem, hook up with Calmasis


Hanna May Kracht:
Note#1: Needs special attention: not in our classes
Note#2: Prefect
Peeve#1: Prefect duties
Like#1: Eloquence
Like#2: Destruction
Rpoints: 20
Rstrategy: Need info. Help to gain freedom

Weapon: Glowstykks


Note#1: Too little info to predict hir actions. I doubt ze cares enough to risk another beatdown
Note#2: Prefect
Note#3: Not suitable for the harem, hook hir up with Dirk
Weapon: Needle/wand, homemade flamethrower

Aranea FangEdit

-Latest Stats: CHARM: 88, INTELLIGENCE: 888, STRENGTH: 888 -Senior -Relatively low stats for a senior

Middle And Elementary Schoolers:Edit


Administration And Others:Edit

Superintendant EnglishEdit

Doctor S. KrachtEdit

Miss NumanEdit

Drama Teacher

Note#1: literally the coolest guy in the world, the fuck are you talking about


Peeve#1: Queens
Like#1: Peter Pan
People: Min Fang(fiancee), Serenity, [Sufferer], Queen Peixes(Enemies)

Miss ClareEdit
Geometry teacher.

Mrs EchidnaEdit
Chemistry teacher.

Professional InstructorEdit
Creative Writing teacher.

Mr. LierEdit

Authority RegulatorEdit

Nurse LalondeEdit

Note#2 Passive Aggressive

Note#2 -Stalks Egbert-Crocker

? (Egbert-Crocker)


Min Fang
Note#1: Breaks sexy mode
Rstrategy: Allow your domination
People: Rufio(fiancee), Queen(Enemy)

Professor HoneybeeEdit
Professor honeybee
-Helpful Gaming Abstraction

-Kanaya's advisor

Prosperse Academy:Edit


Gamzee Makara:Edit
Note#1: Stats nullified by medication

Note#2: Doesn't remember attacking Eridan?

Note#3: Related to Cornelius

Tavros Nitram:Edit

Note#1: Sports scholarship
Note#2: Was already in crutches


Note#1: Loyal to Gamzee to the point of delusion

Relations: Kanaya (sister)

Lux Captor(Pollux)Edit

Like#1: RPGs/Simdates

Note#1: Blue glasses, no lisp

Note#2: Genius scholarship

Allies: Aradia

Sol Captor(Castor)Edit

Like#1: Shooters

Note#1: Red glasses, lisp, fucked teeth

Note#2: Burned Aradia in jealousy

Note#3: Genius scholarship

Eridan AmporaEdit

Note#1: Desperate/lonely

John EgbertEdit

Note#1: Wants to report Gamzee

Note#2: Equius' roommate


Note#1: Zahhak

Jake EnglishEdit

Note#1: In a coma (no shit sherlock)

Dave StriderEdit

{C}Relations: Terezi (friend)



Middle And Elementary Schoolers:Edit

Assistant RegistrantEdit

Tink NitramEdit
LP: Tink is older than Tavros, you shithead.

Administration And Others:Edit

Superintenent SlickEdit
-Has a nice rack (of knives)

-Called "Shovelhead" Slick at one point

The Dapper DirectorEdit
-Aradia's stabdad

Nurse StriderEdit

Sweet skirt

Professor WaspEdit
- Gamzee's advisor


Virginia M. GrubbEdit

Alexander MakaraEdit


She's a maaaaneater~♪

Leda CaptorEdit

Dareus CaptorEdit

Extras and Cameos:Edit


Sochre- ''
Name is based on the pigment ochre

Based on the anti-angel from Problem Sleuth

-Named for the pigment and stone Lapis Lazuli

Based on the courtesan angel from Problem Sleuth







The Mather



"A really cool hippie dude who you wanted to kiss on the mouth but not in a gay way. He had cool looking irises that got lacerated because you are a failure. You tried to save him and you didn't listen to him because you were overconfident and then he died and his friend got captured and his wife went crazy and his mom tripped and your legs came off??? Which lead to this really awkward period of time where you thought you were going to be a robot centaur for the rest of your life." The amazing Rufio.

-Has legs

-Has AMAZING legs

-Is Rufio

-Lead the Cavalreapers

-SO gay

-Whoops i mean not gay

-Is Min Fang

Crimes: former pirate, directly responible for more than 80 deaths, indirectly for over 800, Human trafficking, assassination.

"The Nameless" VantasEdit
-Dead. Everyone cried.

-Hottest shit since a big tittied ninja

Cool Tech Dude (The Ψiioniic)Edit



Empress dowager Gloria PeixesEdit
-blatantly mad

The Open EyesEdit

Cornelius MakaraEdit

Author CommentsEdit

On Death Of The Author:

dt: "Death of the author feels like such copout coming directly from the author..."
lovecraftianParadox: "haha i guess?
homestuck itself is p much... based around reader interpretation. It's a fill-in the blank story. Everything from race to relationships is based around how the reader views and interprets things (hence the overwhelming abundance of 'headcanons', where the story's flexibility allows room for such) and I think it would be fun to allow my readers to do the same thing?

I /could/ say that Mom is actually Roxy's aunt, who took custody over her when Roxy's biological mother (Rosalyn Lalonde) was tried and executed for publishing controversial anti-Condescension material, but i mean. Where is the fun in that? wouldn't it be cooler for the reader's to have headcanons about Roxy and Rose's twin shenanigans, or how Roxy took so many alcohol-induced naps in class that she failed a grade, or that Rose actually went AHEAD a grade, being as brilliant as she is?

it's the same thing with when Min was dying. People had so many ideas and awesome suggestions, but I couldn't make them all canon. So I made none of them canon, and therefore- okay you see where I'm going with this, right?

For me, that was the entire point of making an adventure. The readers were going to help me write the story, and I would take their input as much as reasonable. Some things are set up where canon is left ambiguous so that each reader has their own canon. In fact, if you view it from "cop-out" logic, making an adventure in itself would be a copout, wouldn't it? The author is so lazy they can't come up with their own ways to drive the plot forward? They have to rely on reader suggestions?

oh shit this turned into a rant uHHH?

anyway tl;dr
yeah i guess it kinda does"

dt: "Edit: I'm not saying I think lP is just trying to dodge the question. It's a perfectly legitimate response. It just feels a bit cheap when it's stated outright like that."
lp: "okay. what if I said that Mom is actually Roxy's aunt, who took custody over her when Roxy's biological mother (Rosalyn Lalonde) was tried and executed for publishing controversial anti-Condescension material? does that feel less cheap? and that could be your personal answer, that I am solely giving to you individually because I am aware that you, in your personal opinion, think that I can occasionally be cheap and pretentious

everyone else can select from the variety of possibilities that I have offered or use their ~*~*~*~IMAGINAAAAATION~*~*~*~*~"

On Equius:

LP: "...Equius is all talk. He's more of a self proclaimed racist than anything, and only because that's what his parents expect of him."

reignonyourparade: "but... wouldn't any actual high-society types know that you keep that QUIET in this day in age? In which case he'd be... acting like a racist pretending to not be a racist? I mean if it causes a scandal for him to be gay, it probably causes a scandal to be openly racist."

LP: "He doesn't really feel the need to accommodate people his own age. He's sort of blunt.

What I meant be pretending to be racist is that he's not really sure of these beliefs; he just knows that it's what's expected of him.

On Quadrants:

LP: "If Dating Sims have taught me anything, it's that everything is permissible when it comes to romance.
If you guys want to go for kismesis, or moirails, or auspistice or all four of the quadrants, go for it, by all means."

LP: "Oh crud, let me clarify. I don't mean to imply this is a universe where humans have quadrants? That's why Nepeta refers to Equius as her boyfriend. I just think it would be fun to let Kanaya (aka the player) try this, considering that this is a dating sim parody? Whoops if anyone misunderstood."

On Reporting Gamzee:

Mibbs: "friends don’t let friends cut a dude up and then hang out chilling and eating pie
he almost killed 2 people in a night, I just don’t see why he's free to roam around"

LP: "this is actually a point I wanted to be brought up in-story but I guess I could explain it right here and have it mentioned in the story later
it’s not like anyone actually cares about spoilers in a fanadventure right??

John actually feels this way. He also doesn't have the context that Tavros was pushed down the stairs by Eridan, so what it looks like from his perspective is this juggalo dude going batshit on a bunch of people. His instinct is, obviously to tell an adult.

Tavros is sort of unsure on whether or not he wants Gamzee to get reported to someone. He was slipping in and out of consciousness for a bit so he's well aware the Gamzee wasn't up to anything good, especially with Eridan. Then again, this is his chill stoner friend and he's trying really hard to be optimistic about the possibility that this was just some sort of brief thing that doesn't actually mean Gamzee's a violent person.

Karkat is just no. No Gamzee was off his medication it doesn't count. As far as anyone else has to know, Eridan fell down the stairs.

Equius is boners. (No not really it's a bunch of complicated inner turmoil and shit, having second thoughts about his beliefs etc, etc)"

Ponynautilus: "B) I'd like to mention security cameras, but then again, we saw Scratch order non-interference with an earlier incident. Maybe the principal of Prosperse knows about Gamzee's condition and is willing to give our mad friend a bit of leeway."

LP: "B) Hnnng
things that are
going to be brought up
in the story

Seriously guys if you want to know something make a command out of it

For example instead of asking what Feferi is doing you would do
> Be Feferi”

On Karkat's Relationship With Gamzee:

ArmsAreLoud: "I am uncomfortable with Karkat's position that if you can throw drugs at it, it isn't a problem"

LP: "you should be!

Also, it's also largely because he's kind of attached to Gamzee? He met Gamzee before ever coming to Prosperse, back when he was still being shat on at public school.
And he seriously doesn't want to be responsible for any of his close friends being incarcerated or anything
especially since this it wasn't the Gamzee he knows and loves; he doesn't see why the person he still knows as a friendly if somewhat silly clown should be but in a psychiatric ward when you can just throw drugs at him and make it better. Because that's what drugs do: they cure illnesses. And to him, what Gamzee has is a sickness that can be managed and treated and cured.
It helps that Eridan is a douche and was doing douchey things when this happened
he just sincerely believes he can keep Gamzee under control and everything will be okay”

On Snarky Horseshit:

LP: "psssst flight broads and their snarky horseshitometer is a horseshitometer and not a stat
it raises based on how much snarky horseshit is accumulated
kind of like how the karma meter is based on how many deeds are accumulated and not raised via skill points

/pssst "

On Timeframe And Mirroring After Min Loses An Arm:

LP: "Whoops time to clear up some confusion!

The last update is set in: The fuuuuuture! Whoops I accidentally stealth transition
The last update mirrors: Vriska asking Tavros to kill her, The Summoner Killing Mindfang, And Mindfang's trial. Why can't I hold all these parallels?
Rufio is going to inevitably: How would I know? > I am not a reader. I'm not the one making suggestions.

As neat as all these "since it's inevitably going to happen I might as well suggest it" commands are, diversity is fun too! It gives me a larger pool of options to play off of, and gives me a chance to do something that I might not have even considered. Surprises for everyone! Imrovisation all over the god damn place!

Improv is fun. Improv gives us gems like Kanaya's fashion disaster reactions and rainbow hotpants retractable robot horse-wang."

On The Summoner:

orangeaipom- so is the real summoner his dad? if so, who is mom??
lp- nonono, he's def the summoner
his name is just rufio because that is p much what... he is canonically based on.....

On Lazuli and Sochre:

orangeaipom: What about Lazuli and Sochre?
lp- i think you mean courtesan angel and anti-angel PROBLEM SLEUTH SUCK IT

On Aradia:

Reecer6: "No offense, but Aradia in that scene reminded me a lot of Tommy Wiseau in that rage scene at the end of The Room. Like, where is that emotion. I can't even SEE it. It's not even like so much rage that she can't emote, she just looks completely neutral."

LP: "This is a must read for full comprehension Heartstuck Aradia.

If tl;dr, key points in the spoiler below.

-You once had a number of INTERESTS, which in time you have LOST INTEREST IN. - Loss of interest
-You seem to recollect once having a fondness for ARCHEOLOGY, though now have trouble recalling this passion. -Loss of interest, memory loss
-which you recently DESECRATED OUT OF BOREDOM. - Boredom, loss of interest, destructive behavior
-Guiding you to this calling were the VOICES OF THE DEAD - Not wanting to make her own decisions
-which might have been another of your interests once upon a time. -Loss of interest
- doesn't matter much anymore. - Passive, hopeless, apathetic
-On the instruction of your ANCESTORS  -Not wanting to make her own decisions
-you suppose you mean tricked. -Passive
-there is typically a pr0n0unced h0ll0wness t0 y0ur w0rds. - I can assume based on this and the evidence above that she talks somewhat how she types, in a monotone and dull voice.
A list of some symptoms that Aradia displays:
Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, making decisions
Feeling guilty, worthless, helpless
Feeling hopeless and pessimistic
Irritability, restlessness, recklessness
Loss of interest in activities, hobbies, social activities that were once pleasurable
Feeling upset or anxious

There are a number of reasons to cause such extreme depression, including but not limited to that devastating incident where she was killed by someone she trusted and loved.

Aside from depressed, Aradia comes off as intelligent and cunning. She knows how to get what she wants, and when given an opportunity, she takes it. She is somewhat passive aggressive, hiding her anger until she is given a sure way to release it.

She is vengeful, unforgiving, unsure, manipulating when the situation requires it but still deeply cares for her friends.

"Robo" Aradia is not going to emote much, similar to canon, unless shit gets personal. This goes for both rage and happiness.

Where "Dead" Aradia was more passive, kind of almost resigned?? 'Robo' Aradia is going to be aggressive (but not theatrical).

There are a lot of reasons for it in HeartStuck, but I can't tell you much without spoiling a whole lot? Partially, she felt that she deserved most of the grief she received; partially she's reluctant to show her emotions because it feels like being exposed, or vulnerable. Considering what happened with her and Sol, that's kind of a reasonable way to think, isn't it? So she shuts most of the world out.

Facing fire again sort of forced her to confront her memories, and an enemy. In her mind, another prefect is picking on her and fire is back and a mix of tension, time, pressure and confrontation just sort of forced her to break, and now her aggression is more... confrontational? Outward? Idk how to say it.

Even like this, she's just been so... programmed, if you'll excuse the unfortunate word choice, to not express herself vividly. You have to keep in mind that Terezi and Vriska have been sort of bullying her, along with some others. And she's taught herself, through all that, to keep a straight face.

Bla bla a blab bal a does everyone get the general point? "

Chezrush - 0_0. She doesn't need to be such a bitch about lies. Total truth.

On Nepeta's Ancestry:

Kyntello: "...I'm sorry, but
Jaspers is not mentioned in that article.
I still don't get it."

LP: "Haha wow, you are really confused about this? I dunno I thought it was kind of obvious
I think you're kind of missing the point, which is that Nepeta is Jewish because lion of Judah

I put more consideration into symbolism for the main characters than the side ones. Jaspers doesn't have any particular reason to be... any specific ethnicity, really, but Nepeta does have a reason to be Jewish? And ethnicity is inherited. I could have made her Jewish on her mother's side but the pounce de Leon reference was so obvious I think I would have been stoned to death for not making her Spanish. I would have stoned myself to death if I let that reference slide, actually.

Okay, so, obvious solution is obvious: Nepeta's father is Jewish. And who would Nepeta's father be?

Now THIS is the part I didn't think people would know: Jaspers is Nepeta's father. That's a lot less obvious because I imagine a lot of people wouldn't understand the way I derived that in canon, so I elaborated on that because I knew someone would ask 'Okay so Nepeta’s father is Jewish, who is Nepeta's father?'

If you're confused I think you're focusing too much on the specifics.

Edit: I'm worried that I'm only confusing you more so, tl;dr, Nepeta is Jewish because symbolism and Jaspers is her dad because of a different reason. Does that help? " {C}About The Green Wing

Chezrush - I would like to be in it, since it sounds a lot fucking better than the blue wing.

Miscellaneous notesEdit

-Prefects appointed by Kracht, approved by English
-25 Rpoints = NEW FRIEND
-50 Rpoints = FRIEND

Heartstuck Thread 6 Color Scheme:Edit

  1. F2E3B6 = cream
  2. BCD5B0 = greenish
  3. 76A68B = jade
  4. 898C70 = grey
  5. BF5F56 = red
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