Whether it's to approximate the style of an older video game, out of laziness, or out of tradition, many MSPAFAs allow the reader to name the protagonist, some going so far as to allow the readers to name the villains as well, or even all the characters. Naturally, not all suggestions are serious.

A few adventures even take the naming a step farther by providing readers with a character sheet to fill in. The sheets usually consist of the characters name and other miscellaneous attributes such as class, affinity, and gender.

Warriorccc0's Adventures was the first hosted on the MSPA forums to name a character, but it was a ways into the thread and largely incidental; Stew Pidd's Adventures (first known as Adventures in <Insert random name>) was the first to begin with a request for a name. Since then, a great number begin this way, or prompt within the first few posts to provide one.

Examples Edit

Although the protagonist already has a name, he allows the readers to choose an alias for him when he needs one.

The narration begins "You wake up in a very bland room. You don't know who you are. Actually, you do. What a stupid thing to think. Your name is Stan."

Somewhat subverted. The character has a name, but it apparently sucks, and he is trying to think of a new one.

The robo-spider asks the readers for his identification number.

Avoids naming the character until another playable character is encountered.

Readers give the character a user name for the forum.

Morlin, Future Guy's dashing sidekick.

  • Overtime
  • PMSA Redux [Creation] / Try To Name A Girl Dave

Readers have been trying to give the female protagonist different variations of the name David for 2 pages and counting.

It reads "What is your name? You can't remember it from how much time you've spent in the hot, hot deser- Oh wait, it's Kyle. Kyle Balderdash. You find the very notion that people cannot remember their own name to be hysterical."

The protagonist - The Everyman - was named by a reader. This choice may have had considerable influence on the game world and plot.

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