A lone creature
You encounter a lone creature, in a empty black void. The thing tells you, that he created this Hexaspace. He had crafted many worlds, but each turned out to be imperfect, and had to be... removed. Now fly, and create a world and a species.
Author ProfessorLizzard
Status Active
Hexaspace is a forum adventure by the user, ProfessorLizzard. It follows the current cycle of the Hexaspace, in which almost everything has been created by the readers.


Phase 1:Edit

The creature you meet in the void demands you (the readers) to create a world and a species who should populate it. Several different worlds are created all with different kind of life. Shortly after their creation they begin interacting with other worlds and handling the situations they end up in.


There are currently twenty two worlds that inhabits the hexaspace. Not all of them are planets - worlds include asteroid belts, anomalies and the Sun itself.

In order of creation:

  • Jelltopia and its moon, Crabule Prime, by DarcDiscordia
  • Planet with seven moons, by SNeakyRobot
  • Ahkzul, by Tseralith
  • Giant Tree planet that eats other planets, by Tam Lin
  • Posion planet, by Yourself
  • Ocean planet, by tetrtamaster
  • The Sun, by Ganuga
  • Junk planet, by Pie
  • Pixellated world, by Rasputenn
  • Core Prime, by Asmodemus
  • Stormy world, by Nehh
  • Zombie world, by bhomer2
  • Oari asteroid belt, by Konork
  • Space Cloud, by Dizu
  • The Humperdink Nebula (largest planetoid: Gorblesnatch), by Zaffa
  • Swarmhold, by suomynonAyletamitlU
  • Wormhole, by Sinister Penguin
  • Paradox, by Xander
  • Mosaic by Aryogaton
  • Tiny asteroid with Royal Child and Rose, by tagonizer


  • Myst von Mellon

A lone creature with the desire to create the perfect worlds.

Tropes employedEdit

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