Author sheds a tear at harsh artistic criticism.

Humans are egotistical creatures, and many MSPAFA authors have found a reason to include themselves in their adventures. Sometimes the author will be the main character, or at least play a significant role in the story. More often, the author will appear in a non-canon update to converse directly with the audience, to berate them for their stupidity, or to provide self-critical commentary on the adventure.

There is also a growing trend for inserting the readers into the story. This can be a fairly effective way to boost an adventure's popularity, because, well, humans are egotistical creatures.

xamples Edit

Anyone (and everyone) can suggest actions for their forum avatar. In addition, the author uses his own avatar as a character.

The author occasionally appears in non-canon drawings and responces to suggestions. The readers also appear briefly in the form of their avatars and give commands.

The entire adventure features the author as the title character. He is a super-powered locksmith.

The author will often appear as a floating head and make excuses for the implied lack of quality of the art.

Used in two ways. The character Andre Cementi is directly reminiscent of the adventure's author, and the author is actually shown in his house drinking orange juice during the adventure's short hiatus. The readers also inserted themselves, in the form of their avatars, into several unsurprising surprise party images for the author's return, which were then collaborated into a non-canon update by the author.

The author inserts her avatar in numerous places, and a depiction of herself in non-canonical drawings.

The author uses his avatar to represent himself in non-canon drawings in Paint, often to curse Flash for being dysfunctional at times.

The author appears as Francis making the adventure on his laptop.

The author has a pixel-creature of her own, which is a teal pixel measuring 32*32*32.

A simplistic drawing of the author occasionally pours scorn on the readers.

A photoventure starring the author and his girlfriend. Also, DimJim as a locksmith.

Another photoventure starring the author, his face obscured.

So far includes readers PawnToD4, andanotherone, MultiFunctional, and aichmophile. Also, DimJim as a locksmith.

Subverted when the author "kicks out" a nosy reader who tries to slip himself into the adventure.

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