You are a HYDROGEN ATOM that happens to be part of a WATER MOLECULE.
Author SonicLover
Status Active

Hydrogen is a rather strange adventure by SonicLover. It follows the story of a HYDROGEN ATOM who is faced with the trouble of stopping a strange kid, Carbon Scarf (a reference to Crystal Raver), from making a science experiment of the CARBON ATOMS!


You start off grouped in a WATER molecule with another HYDROGEN atom and an OXYGEN atom. You forcibly break your bond to join with another HYDROGEN atom in a silly mistake. Then, CARBON DIOXIDE appears. Before you can do anything with it however, the CARBON atom is forcibly pulled out! The two leftover OXYGEN atoms form an OXYGEN molecule. You and the other HYDROGEN atom split up and return to your old partners. You decide to refer to the strange kid with a scarf as Carbon Scarf, or CS. You speed onwards toward the construct, which turns out to be GRAPHITE. You gather a group of atoms and stop any more CARBON atoms from joining. It works- the CARBON splits up into many parts, causing a frantic struggle of bonds which ends you up in a METHANE molecule.

Atom types and CharactersEdit


One of these HYDROGEN atoms is the star of the story. It has been in three bonds by now- a WATER molecule, a HYDROGEN molecule and a METHANE molecule. It is represented by a H.


The OXYGEN atom is not as common as the HYDROGEN atom. It has been in three bonds by now- a WATER molecule, an OXYGEN molecule and CARBON DIOXIDE. It is represented by an O.


These atoms are in danger of being abducted by the strange kid into his science experiment. It has been in three bonds by now- CARBON DIOXIDE, GRAPHITE and a METHANE molecule. It is represented by a C.


Carbon Scarf is the nickname given to the strange kid constructing GRAPHITE. He wears a scarf and has white skin. He is refrenced to as CS.


You Can't Do That, Stupid! - Always represented by an image of Marie Curie saying What utter nonsense!

That NOUN Looks IMPORTANT - Used for names of ATOMS and MOLECULES. Funnily enough, not used for name(s).

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