"Bubbles" and the un-named girl.
Author MyifanW
Status Active

I'm Sorry In Advance (a.k.a Soup) is an adventure by MyifanW. So far it has been a completely silent adventure.

Plot Edit

A small blue blob finds itself trapped in a bucket with a diamond ring and a starfish. After failing to talk to the starfish, it absorbs some property of the ring and tries unsuccessfully to jump out. A huge submarine surfaces by the blob, from which a girl emerges tearfully. She sees the starfish and grabs it, but the blob jumps on and absorbs a bit of it. The girl tries to explain something to the blob when they stare out to a dark and tumultuous horizon, when a woman emerges from the submarine telling the girl to hurry back inside. The girl squashes the blob in order to hide it from the woman; it manages to transform into a gemstone like the one in the ring. The submarine sinks under the waves.

Characters Edit

All of the characters at present are nameless, as the protagonist blob has no sense of hearing.

  • Blob - Unofficially named Bubbles by readers, it is a small blue amorphous mass which seems capable of absorbing and replicating objects.
  • A Young Girl - She is on board a steampunk submarine.
  • Lady - Also on board the submarine. She appears to be the girl's guardian, though the girl does not seem overly happy about this.

Tropes Edit

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