Oil and lasers do not mix

Not every idea is a winner, and sometimes the author feels compelled to let the reader know. Be it out of spite, or just for humor, authors will sometimes accept commands that will inevitably yield negative consequences for the sole purpose of 'punishing' the reader. That'll show 'em.


The main reason this adventure has continued for nearly 200 pages is because the author often accepts the dumbest, most suicidal command available at every crucial decision. Subsequently subverted when AllisLost flatly refuses to make the protagonist and his nemesis engage in Bumper Bobs.

Leroy Caldwell, the main player, has been known to do stupid things on an impulse given by the readers. Only oncetwice has it resulted in damage or death. What makes it If You Insist is the fact that Leroy states clearly that what he's trying to do is impossible, before doing it.

The author actually solicits if-you-insist-worthy commands.

Future Guy frequently does stupid and terrible things, often at the expense of his sidekick.

Game ends on cliffhanger due to stupid commands.

More often stupid commands result in insults, but Joe is sometimes punished with death or the loss of his items.

Almost every update with commands for Bob.

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