A young woman stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that, unbeknownst to this young woman, this particular day will have particular importance to the world. What shall this young woman's name be? (Link)
Author Captain Lhurgoyf
Status Active
Genre Comedy, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Iji is an adventure adapted from the game of the same name. Its graphic style alternates between MSPA-minus-minus drawings and game screencaps.

The main plot follows that of a killer run of the game, only starting from Iji's home. The side-plots however, are silly and completely off the rails (Iji's father being a mad scientist, Dan playing Dwarf Fortress, etc.).

Tropes Edit

  • Gorblesnatch von Humperdink: By name. See below.
  • Hello, Insert Name Here: Technically it's fake, since the author fills in the name himself, but the trappings are the same. Played straight with Angus.
  • Hit the Stairs: Intentional on the writer's part - when Iji is told to "crouch and press C four times, then press Z" (an actual command from the game) while standing in front of a computer, she inputs it on the keyboard. Also, "Be Tor" > "You are now the late Swedish-American B-Movie star, Tor Johnson."
  • Lick The Shadows: Numerous characters and subplots have been introduced simply because readers suggested them. This is also the reason why Dan lusts over Iji (don't ask) instead of being gay, as was the original plan.
  • Ride Adventure Like A Mechanical Bull: The adventure takes place in the Homestuck universe, and as such there are considerable references, including the existance of Dave and Bro, Pesterchum, and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Many famous commands are also referenced.
  • Name That Game: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden is a running gag, Dwarf Fortress plays a considerable role, alien writing uses the Standard Galactic Alphabet from the Commander Keen games, and there are many off-hand references to other games. Not to mention that the adventure is itself based on a game.
  • World Wide Wecursion: Iji is a fan of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Also, on the forum adventure boards, there is an adventure based on Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden instead of Iji.
  • You Know, For Kids!: Inverted. The adventure is considerably lighter than one who has played the original game would expect. This is also why it's a killer run, as pacifist games tend to be more serious and much harder to make funny.

Crossovers and CameosEdit

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