You are Princess Lisa Jormungandr; Ruler of the mighty Principality of Jormungandr.
Author Ixcalibur
Status Inactive
Jormungandr Goes To Hell, previously entitled "Jormungandr's Generic Escape The Room Adventure", follows the antics of the female protagonist Princess Lisa Jormungandr and her struggles against various demons from Hell. It is written by Ixcalibur.

Plot Edit

Jormungandr begins the adventure in the traditional manner, trapped in her room. She passes the time by depositing a blood sample into her personal cloning vat, thus beginning the cloning process. She is then assailed by a demon named Tchort. He agrees to open the door for Jormungandr, but in return he claims her soul and her kingdom. The prologue ends with Jormungandr being dragged away to hell.

Several hours later, the clone steps out of the vat, with all of Jormungandr’s memories and personality. Making her way into the War Room, she finds Fenrir and Hel, princesses of their own domains. They inform Jormungandr that demons are invading The Principalities, and the three of them begin working on opening a portal to hell, to retrieve her soul. This is more complicated than it sounds.

Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Princess Lisa Jormungandr - The ruler of the Principality of Jormungandr. She has a generally sunny disposition, and remains optimistic even in the most difficult circumstances. Fond of hugs.
  • Princess Fenrir - The ruler of the Principality of Fenrir. She is cheerful and fun-loving, and remains largely unfazed by Jormungandr's antics or the demon attack.
  • Princess Hel - The ruler of the Principality of Hel. She is angry, violent, and borderline evil. She agrees to help Jormungandr, but only to protect her own interests.
  • Slim - A shady character with a briefcase full of bargain goods of questionable legality.

Demons Edit

  • Tchort - A suave and persuasive demon that tricks Jormungandr into giving up her soul.
  • Dimitri - A long-suffering monstrosity, who tolerates Jormungandr's tomfoolery with a great deal of exasperation. Enjoys a nice game of charades.
  • Riubyyk'n - A mischief spirit that also goes by the name of Rubi. Chaotic and unpredictable, as mischief spirits are prone to be. It agrees to help Jormungandr find her soul, because it sounds like fun.

Tropes Used Edit

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