This trope refers to when an item/object not usually considered to have character, personality, or autonomy is given these traits by readers or authors of an MSPFA. Basically, whenever an object moves around or forms an opinion by itself, that's "Just Add Anthropomorphism".

Examples Edit

Kumquats, normally a friendly inert fruit, take on a life of their own and try to eat the hero.

Originally made to deconstruct and mock the trope, but the author ultimately decided to turn around and play it straight instead.

The Item Kiosks are minor characters and background buildings once had smiley faces.

A humble vacuum cleaner becomes the main character.

Poor dear Wilsonfruit, an apple who met an untimely end.

A popular side-character is Snacktime, the demonic vending machine.

The sidekick's sidekick's sidekick, a Small Piece of Rubble.

Right off the bat: "You are a RADIO." There's also the lamp, the fan, the truck, the sun...

A smiley face is drawn upon the main character's tail, and becomes the Dashing Sidekick.

An ordinary mushroom turns into a humanoid mushroom youkai.