U r the Kol-Aid man! What do u do
Author beans
Status Complete
Genre Comedy, Satire

Kool- AId Advennture, often cited as Kool-Aid Adventure, is a MSPA Forum adventure created by beans. Originally intended as a parody of the oft-used suggestions to 'burst through the wall like the kool aid man saying ooooooooooh yeaaah', this adventure was marked by at least one significant unexpected turn. A brief MSPA Adventure, it was clearly created as a way to poke fun at the general intelligence level needed to be a reader, and is marked by frequent misspelling and a liberal use of sarcasm.

Plot Edit

The plot of Kool- AId is neither complex nor extensive: given an inactive Kool Aid Man on a plain white background, readers were asked 'what [they wanted to] do', obviously expecting the typical, frequent response. While such a suggestion did occur, things took an unlikely turn when the readers seemed more interested in seeing Kool Aid man run for political office in the Jim Crow Era South, promoting the cause of desegregation under the firm belief that all men are created equal, indivisible, under god, etc. Presumably surprised (and, apparently, amused) by the unlikely suggestion, beans humored the readers, and Kool Aid Man was made into a rustic, Southern lawyer, who ran and won for the Georgia house of representatives. However, since beans obviously had no intention to continue the adventure past a couple of updates, an earlier suggestion was used, and the life of Kool Aid Man was cut short before he could even effectively use his newfound political success, the victim of an exceptionally hard wall, and powerful unexplained urges to throw himself at it. Naturally, his political party was devastated a such a sudden loss, and the adventure ends with the image of his supporters weeping over the shattered pieces of glass and juice that is his remains. An epilogue shows Kool Aid Man in the afterlife, having a cup of tea with Colonel Sanders.But the thread was locked later.


Being a short adventure, characters other than the titular hero are of little actual significance.

  • Kool Aid Man - A staunch advocate of human rights, Kool Aid Man was revealed to be a very motivated individual stopping at nothing to right the racial injustices he saw in the world.

Tropes UsedEdit

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