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"But enough about CitySim, let's talk about CitySim! In CitySim, you play the mayor of a city. It is your job to improve it from a quaint village in the middle of nowhere where everybody knows each other, into a sprawling polluted hellscape of a metropolis with 20 murders a day. Progress!"
Author Chwoka, frostedWarlock
Status Active
Genre Comedy

This adventure focuses on Carle Sole, the mayoriest, and his advisers running Warmsburg and Buttsville.

Plot Edit

What plot?

Characters Edit

(In order of appearance)

  • Carle Sole

Mayor of Warmsburg and later Buttsville. Is generally a psychopath.

  • Floyd Frank Drinkwater

Takes care of the finance. Painted black with red lips in order to attract more black people to Warmsburg. He's also head of Operation Daisypetal.

  • Alastair Emmerson

He is the law. And the fire. That burns inside your heart. Ooh baby.

  • Cassandra Smiths

Takes care of the environment in the two towns, but was "promoted" to utilities director in Freddy's absence because nobody cares about the environment in 1900.

  • Jim Rhodes

Takes care of roads, railways, and zoning. TALKS IN ALL-CAPS WHEN ANGRY, WHICH IS OFTEN. Often found detonating carefully hidden bombs.

  • Doctor Freddy Sunshine

Takes care of water and electricity and shit. Literally, shit. Was promoted to Head of R&D because Carle is impatient and wants modern luxuries faster.

  • Lem Mastersons

Education adviser.

Tropes Edit

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