Don't fuck with sticklyman

There are bad commands; they get ignored. There are awful commands; they get mocked. Sometimes, though, a command is so stupid, so asinine, so imbecilic that it has a perverse appeal, and just has to become part of the story.

This trope refers specifically to otherwise-pretty-reasonable adventures that use a completely ridiculous command, not to adventures that take every command or specifically take weird ones on a regular basis; it was named for one of its more notable iterations, in Vampires!.


The system and conflict with deities in this game started with someone making fun of a moon that they thought was a sugar cookie, and thus a source of food.

Since someone suggested Carlyle put the fourbear on his head anything that went before has quickly become irrelevant. Also The Map of Rome.

Wearing things that are not appropriate to be worn (such as keys) actually turns them into equipment.

Pudding from the author's avatar managed to end up in the adventure and become a mainstay. Additionally, inserting loose change into the cartridge slot of a Nintendo DS PORTABLE GAMING CONSOLE caused it to catch fire, creating a helpful torch.

Another one of Donnelle's adventures, in this case repeated requests for creating a psi ball led to the appearance of balls imprinted with Greek letters.

"Play I-spy with yourself."

Most of Bob the Drip's Abilities start as random readers' suggestions. Some examples include his Hug Analogues and his Interpretive Dance skill.

Someone suggested that the first square Tetromino write a poem about his adventures. He quickly became a famous poet.

The trope-namer, wherein the character was impelled to lick tangible darkness; licking shadows became a relevant plot-point.

A joke about mojo leads to ritual sacrifice and a persistent search for eldritch grimoires.

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