You are in a place. What do you do?
Author Norivia
Status Completed

Limited Vocabulary was an adventure by Norivia. It followed the adventures of a girl with an incredibly limited vocabulary. It had an inventive premise, but was ended prematurely as Norivia couldn't keep up with the adventure.

Mechanics Edit

The girl only knows a few basic words so commands must be imput as simply as possible. In order to increase her vocabulary you can find words in the world. If the word clearly demonstrates it's meaning then she'll be able to learn the word and the player will be able to use that word to command her.

Plot Edit

The girl wakes up in an empty field. After revisiting the list of words she knows she goes to the nearest place, the city. She attempts to get words from a nearby man in a news kiosk. He directs her to some free words, which teach her the word talk. Now the command can be articulated she talks to the man in the news kiosk. He offers to give her a box if she gives him some pants.

Characters Edit

  • Girl

The unnamed girl with the limited vocabulary. She seemed generally enthusiastic about the world around her, even if she couldn't understand what any of it meant.


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