You appear in a metal room, stunned and confused. You gaze around awkwardly.
Author Zaffa
Status Inactive
Genre Puzzle

Lock Fortress is a puzzle/RPG type adventure. Gameplay mechanics include circuit-based puzzles, collecting pointlessly disassembled pistols, and an RPG-style battle system.


The main character awakes locked in a fairly barren room. The wall TV delivers a somewhat disturbing(and likely pointless) welcome. He has severe amnesia, incapable of remembering anything whatsoever. The readers name him Tiff Lanyard. Small bout of weird puzzle shit and pistol part collection. On entering the next room, Tiff gains the ability to hear the readers. The next room has a bottomless pit and several(largely unavailable) exits. The last part of the pistol is lost to the pit as part of a sequence-breaking blunder. A wall explodes as part of a sequence-breaking blunder. Tiff is forced to flee combat due to various HP penalties- Health is restored after solving a puzzle, and an entrance to the pit is discovered. Retrieval of pistol part, first combat with spider robo. Access to another room revealed. A blue, childish, still disembodied voice joins the fun. Next room has a chest/mimic fighting sequence to complete. Revolver parts start appearing.

Tropes UsedEdit

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