You are Mitch. Biscuits are among your favorite things. What should you do?
Author faceofdoomness
Status Inactive

Plot Edit

Mitch likes biscuits, but he has none. In his hunt for biscuits he discovers an oversized hamster he calls Bartholemeu. Upon searching for biscuit's in Bartholemeu's cheek pouches he discovers a banana nut muffin that he calls Marcello. Mitch takes Bartholemeu and Marcello on a walk to Tha Store in the Rather-Tall City. At Tha Store Mitch discovers a flier for this year's Hamster Race. He decides to enter Marcello, his pet banana nut muffin, into the race. Marcello is enthusiastic about taking part in the race. He trains hard. They then make their way to Rather-Tall City's park where the registration booth has been set up. Mitch's unfocused antics annoy the impatient and petulant registration guy. Mitch tries to register Marcello to enter the race whereupon the registration guy furiously snatches up Marcello and flings him to the ground.

Characters Edit

  • Mitch - Mitch is an enthusiastic kid. Biscuits are among his favourite things. He is very easily distracted.
  • Bartholemeu - Bartholemeu is Mitch's pet over-sized hamster. He rides around on Mitch's head.
  • Marcello - Marcello is Mitch's pet banana nut muffin.
  • Registration Guy - The Registration Guy is an angry man. He does not put up with any kind of nonsense in general, nevermind any kind of nonsense which undermines the noble sport of Hamster Racing.

Tropes Used Edit

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