You finally wake up. You're visiting your father for the weekend, and were sleeping in your old room. For some strange reason, you can't stop thinking about Gorblesnatchles Mc Humperdink... What do you do?
Author Lisawags
Status Active


The story begins with Lara Artemis waking up and thinking about her cat. After washing and eating breakfast, she finds her cat outside, and quite dead. She then hears some gunshots, rushes into her house, and sees her Father dead and a monster jump out the window. She goes to the pub and finds out that a woman was attacked by a "thing". She then passes out. Upon waking, she enters an alley and is immediately attacked by the monster she saw earlier. She is saved by someone from the bar, but notices that most of her inventory has been stolen.


  • Lara Artemis

The main character, trying to avenge her Father's death.

  • Space Janitor

A Janitor who is the main character in dream sequences.


Gorblesnatchles Mc Humperdink, which became the name of the cat.

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