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Author Elrunethe2nd
Status Active

Myst: The Book of Reclamation follows the actions of the player in a world based off the Myst universe. The artist has said that it is done in Flash and the art style is generally austere and highly intricate.


The story is based on the idea of certain people being able to write books which can teleport their users to other places.

The player begins in a void and teleports to the home of his(/her) friend, Atrus. Through note form, Atrus explains that he has gone on and expects to meet the player in another world. From reading Atrus' journals, the player learns that this world has been exhibiting strange signs which are uncharacteristic for worlds written in books.

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The only world seen in Myst yet.

The character is just about the leave for the new world called Chroma Agana.

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A "Linking Book", possibly the only method of interstellar transportation.

Characters Edit

  • Player - The unnamed protagonist.
  • Atrus - Friend of the player. Up to now has communicated only via notes left for the player.
  • Catharine - Wife of Atrus. Mentioned in note form only, may appear later. Also has a daughter, Yeesha.

Tropes Edit

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