You are 1.
Author Kazze
Status Active

Nothin' But Math is an adventure starring anthropomorphic numbers. No characters are named, rather being referred to by what number they are. The object of the game is to become as close to Infinity as possible.


  • ADD: Add a sufficiently small number to you in order to increase by that amount.
  • SUBTRACT: Lower another number, making it less powerful.
  • MULTIPLY: Greatly increase your power by bonding with another number, akin to sex.
  • DIVIDE: Split yourself or an enemy into several numbers, all equal, which ADD up to your value.
  • CHANGE FORM: Express yourself in a different format, allowing you to enter a new plane. Currently able to enter the Realm of Exponents by donning a Hat (16= 4^2) or Cloak (16= Square Root of 256).

"Characters" Edit

  • You

starting out as a ONE, you have aspirations to become much larger. Currently a 16 split into two eights.

  • Love Interest

A 9 you met in the Realm of Exponents. You want to multiply with her.

  • Hostile Numbers

All numbers more than about half your size, with the exception of those who wish to multiply with you.

  • Edible Numbers

All numbers no more than approximately half your size, as well as any and all Ones.

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