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Octoberfest is a game made by Sweetcloverandhelaljohn.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Jake Smith Edit


"greenie, pls go."

Real Name:Jake SmithSymbol: Trololo
Fetch Modus:??? Strife Specibus: Assaultriflekind
Typing: jake types like this. correct punctuation.
Land: Land of ??? and ??? (not revealed)

Jake Smith is the main Protagonist in Octoberfest. He lives in a 5-story apartment in a destroyed city in Russia. This post shows that it IS Pripyat, near Chernobyl.

Robots Edit

Tripod Android (Robot 1) Edit

Robot 1 was the first Robot killed by Jake and Greenie. Parts of it was used to make the Robot-Alfa. Jake opens the head, to reveal...HIS FATHER?

Mecha-Squiddle (Robot 2) Edit

The Mecha-Squiddle was the second Robot killed by Jake, Greenie, and JAKE'S FATHER. After exploding, a bunch of people appeared.

beatlesFan Edit

"well, i've got to go do something"

Real Name:???Symbol:  ???
Fetch Modus:??? Strife Specibus: ???
Typing: no caps and some puncuation
Land:  ???

beatlesFan is one of Jake's friends. He has not been seen. He might like the Beatles, due to his name.

Jake Scott Edit

Real Name:Jake ScottSymbol:  ???
Fetch Modus:??? Strife Specibus: ???
Typing: He has extremely good capitals and punctuation.
Land:  ???

Jake Scott is Jake Smith's father. He is found in Robot 1.

geekyCheater (Vantos ???) Edit

"use dis code to alchemis"

Real Name:Vantos ???Symbol:  ???
Fetch Modus:??? Strife Specibus: ???
Typing: make a lot of spelin error no puctiaton
Land:  ???

Vantos ??? is another of Jake's friends.

Alfa Edit

Alfa is Jake's female giant worm pet. She helps Jake and Clover go to the Office building. She was launched onto the wall, where Jake shot her. She is revived by Jake. The remains of her is made into Robot Alfa.

Ralfy Edit

Ralfy (Robot Alfa) is the result of combining Alfa and Robot 1

Clover Edit

"Hee hee hee!"

Real Name:CloverSymbol: A clover
Fetch Modus:??? Strife Specibus: Shotgunkind
Typing: HE USED TO TYPE LIKE THIS BUT NOW He types like this! Hee hee hee!
Land: Alternia?

It's Clover. He was renamed Greenie. He rides Jakes like a mechanical bull sometimes.

Trolls Edit

The Homestuck trolls make appearences, but only 2 appear: Sollux, and Nepeta. Gamzee also appears, honking up a storm.

Tropes Edit

One time, Jake rode Clover like a mechanical bull, and slapped him with a Hunk Rump.

The whole story is in color.

Someone suggested a name for Jake: Hugh Jass.

Jake was said to use Phoenix Down on Alfa. He revived Alfa like a Phoenix.

The building that Jake starts on was based off of Achievement Unlocked 2. A 5 Story building, with a roof leading to a destroyed Chicago (Russian City, in this case) Also, the Plush Rump AK-47 looks like a Chinese Assault Rifle.

Alchemized items Edit

Even though he doesn't have SBurb, he can Alchemize items.

Jake has made:

Code: ???
Made from: AK-47 and Hunk Rump

Code: 01a57g
Made from: Cultural Rainbow Mural and Double Rainbow

Code: 01a57h
Made from: 20,000 leagues DVD and Harpoon

Code: ???
Made from: Alfa remains and Robot remains

Greenie has made:

Code: ???

Made from: Young Jake Scott's trenchcoat and Greenie's hat

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