VICTORY! Damn, it feels good to not be on a roof anymore!
Author OldManRupee
Status Dead
Genre Office

Office Supplies Man! is an adventure by OldManRupee about a superhero whose superpower "is the ability to conjure up loads of office supplies, including PAPERCLIPS, DRAWING PINS, POST-IT NOTES, RUBBER BANDS, and many other items. [He] must constantly use [his] imagination to combine these items to create gadgets that aid you in fighting crime!" It has been running since April 30th, 2009.

Plot Edit

The story starts with OSM on the top of a city building, not quite remembering how exactly he got up there. He makes a rope of paperclips and rubberbands and then finds a box tortoise inside of a cardboard box whom he promptly names Super Tortoise and gives him a post-it brand sticky note cape thusly.  Using the rope and a sling of ruberbands, OSM lowers ST down to a window.  ST bounces off the window and crashes into it, knocking into a Rigid Business Man on the business end of the window.  The man is angry with this and grabs the tortoise, trying to aggress it.  OSM seizes the opportunity and jumps off the building, using the RBM's weight/grasp on the turtle as a means to swing around and into the building.  The RBM flies forward and bumps his head on the top of the window, putting him in a rigid coma from the multiple concussions, and allowing OSM time to clamber up.

He starts doing the normal going though other people's stuff/finding loot when your Arch-nemesis Baron von Elephantorso gets on the loudspeaker and declares that he's taken over the office building!  Oh no!

OSM now must use his cunning and abilty to produce office items in order to fight the Baron's minions and save the captive office employees.

Characters  Edit

  • Office Supplies Man
    The main protagonist.
  • Super Tortoise
    Your trusty sidekick
  • Nervous Businessman
    Vice President of the building who joins your party.
  • Rigid Buisness Man
  • Baron von Elephantorso
    Office Supplies Man's arch-nemesis with the head of William Shatner and the body of an elephant.

Tropes Edit

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