Your head is reeling. You appear to be in the janitorial closet yet again.
Author Superfrequency
Status Complete
Genre Office, Surreal, Puzzle, Comedy

Overtime is an adventure by Superfrequency that follows the story of Joe as he explores his confusing office space, conquers vicious monsters, and solves weird puzzle shit. Overtime is characterized graphically by its style of simple and cleanly-drawn characters in monochrome photomosaic environments and gameplay-wise by largely inventory-based puzzles with specific solutions planned by the author well in advance.


At the start, our protagonist, Joe, finds himself in a dark room. After a bit of searching, he finds a light switch and finds he is in a janitorial closet. he finds that the door has a door stop on the other side that is holding him in. After many attempts at opening the 'blocked' door, Joe finds that he had just tried to open the door the wrong way. After exiting the closet, Joe begins to explore the office finding it oddly deserted and in some areas altered in strange and unusual ways. As he attempts to make his way down to the first floor he encounters strange majyykal imps and a large monstrosity, which he promptly dispatches through the use of a latex glove filled with chlorine gas and hidden in a packet of cheese nubbins. Since then he has spent his time grappling with an obtuse cash box puzzle and an uncooperative man behind a locked door.

Since stopping the game, Superfrequency released would of happened.


  • Joe Peacock

The unsuspecting office worker that has been trapped in his office, which has been transformed from an everyday workspace to halls filled with monstrosities and infinite cubicle farms.

  • SnackTime™

A fairly commanding snack machine found in the break room. He doesn't have any items under 75¢ and it is unknown what currency he takes. He also seems to be indifferent to his complete lack of friends, but it is evident that he must be lonely.

  • Léon

A large-style imp found in the cafeteria kitchen and who claims to be a French chef (although Yvette disagrees, stating that he just bought a chef hat at a county fair) that sent Joe to on a quest to get 'meat for the gumbo'. Although Joe got meat for Léon, he has yet to receive the plot progressing item that was expected, possibly because none was ever actually promised.

  • Yvette

A younger, regular-sized imp, as well as Léon's niece. Since she had just moved into the office, she needed various items, sending Joe on a quest. Eventually Joe found something exquisite for the floor (Insipid Mat) and something magnificent for the wall (Benign Painting) but has so far had no luck getting her something ostentatious to wear. She has the 4th floor elevator button in her possession and has expressed a fondness for the number four.

  • Monstrosity

A boss-type creature that Joe had to face. Despite losing twice, he eventually killed the beast, giving Léon the necessary ingredient for his gumbo. The condition of the monstrosity's wife and children are undetermined.

  • Joe's Boss

Though she has not made a personal appearance in the story thus far, Joe has raided his boss's office for numerous items, including money and Harold the gosling.

  • Harold

Harold is Joe's erstwhile longsuffering sidekick. He is an adorable little gosling that Joe acquired when he attempted to take a gander at his boss's bookshelf. Harold has an origami hat. Readers have tried multiple times to sacrifice Harold to progress to plot (Give Harold to Léon for the Gumbo, Feed the Monstrosity Harold, etc.) which ends with Superfrequency 'banning' them from the thread.

Crossovers And CameosEdit

  • The Flandle Flan that Joe discovers in the break room refrigerator is a reference to a MacGuffin from Blobby Adventure.
  • A poster in Yvette's room features Guybrush Futurewood from The Open Canvas.

Tropes UsedEdit