You are a new type of virus. You have infected this organism and want to spread, but you are quite weak right now. What shall you do?
Author Plagorath
Status Active

Plot Edit

The story follows a new type of virus, called Billy Muncherus, as it grows in power. Billy Muncherus starts off present only in a dog. The virus battles off white blood cells and multiplies rapidly. Eventually an unnamed vet takes a blood sample from the dog and discovers and names this new virus. Then for some reason he decides to inject this new virus into himself. Billy Muncherus quickly gets to work attacking his body's lymph nodes. Eventually the virus has the ingenius idea to destroy and replace the body's immune system, fighting off infections and ultimately becoming the Omni-Cure.

After deciding to become the Omni-Cure Billy Muncherus makes it's way to the brain where it encounters a bacteria called Nathanielus Squiggeliensis. Nathanielus was part of a group of powerful viruses called New Epidemy. It left the group when it became clear that New Epidemy was unwilling to listen to any of Nathanielus' exciting new ideas on how it would be better to be the Omni-Cure than a powerful virus. Billy Muncherus is keen to take on New Epidemy, but Nathanielus explains that they are three incredibly powerful viruses and taking them on at this point would be suicide. They decide to work together to fight off some weaker viruses and become stronger so that they will eventually be able to take on New Epidemy and put an end to their evil.

Characters Edit

  • Billy Muncherus

A formerly evil virus, Billy Muncherus had a sudden and ingenius revelation that he could destroy and replace the body's immune system and become the ultimate cure. Since then he's had some trouble fighting his natural impulses.

  • The Vet

The Vet discovered Billy Muncherus. He thought that this discovery would bring him fame and fortune. Unfortunately he injected Billy Muncherus into himself instead.

  • Nathanielus Squiggeliensis

Nathanielus is a bacteria who was born of the New Epidemy coalition of viruses. Exposed to massive carnage at a young age Nathanielus began to form different ideas about how a virus should behave.

New Epidemy Edit

  • Shark

Shark is a virus who prioritises speed above all else. It uses it's incredible speed to fling itself like a spear skewering White Blood Cells. Shark is an efficient killer and enjoys trying to break it's record on the speediest kills.

  • Solar Spike

Solar Spike is virus who believes in a brute force method. He is slow but incredibly powerful. Solar Spike appears to be something of a sociopath, delighting in how disfigured his victims are.

  • The Green Reaper

The Green Reaper is a bacteria. He is the strongest of the three and believes he is the reincarnation of a powerful demon. He rates himself as strong enough to take on the Black Plague and win.


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