Note City. Not the best place in the world. Crime and decay everywhere you look, The police are corupted beyond recognition, Mobs and gangs ruling the streets... ...and then theres me.
Author Lankie
Status Active

Paper Detective is an adventure by Lankie. It follows Detective Lou Sleafe as he investigates The Red Splatter Case. It is set in a world where everything is made out of paper. This is demonstratably more than just an art style as Detective Sleafe turns into a paper plane and flies back to his office.


Detective Sleafe returns to his office to find a message about an urgent case, the message says to meet at the museum. He heads out and is confronted by a reporter called Tony. He brushes Tony off and rushes to the museum, where he meets the owner: Mr Lakeson. Mr Lakeson takes him to a room where the Sword of Kings was being exhibited. There is a strange red splatter on the exhibit and the sword is gone. Detective Sleafe investigates the room, taking a sample of the red splatter and a white hair.


  • Detective Lou Sleafe

Detective Sleafe loves a gritty monologue. He is down on his luck at the moment. It is implied this is the first case he's had in a while and money is tight.

  • Tony

A reporter who bugs Detective Sleafe. He wears an umbrella hat and is really annoying.

  • Mr Lakeson

The owner of the museum. He is extremely anxious and a potential suspect.


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